Lamar Odom Turns on Dennis Hof But Something Isn’t Adding Up Exclusive

Lamar Odom has been trying hard to rehab his reputation after nearly dying in a brothel from a drug overdose in 2015. In fact, most medical professionals wrote him off, sure he would never recover, as did his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian.

Lamar Odom was bound and determined to prove everyone wrong and now four years later he’s on his way to playing basketball again. Sure it’s not the NBA but it’s a start.

Another interesting change in his life is his story. He now claims that he didn’t knowingly take illegal drugs back in 2015 while he was partying with the two hookers — nope, he now claims the owner of the Love Ranch tried to kill him and did so by poisoning him with the drugs that nearly killed him that infamous night in 2015.

Dennis Hof is now dead so it’s not like he can even defend himself. But we happen to have exclusive insider information from someone who was there and knows both Dennis Hof and Lamar Odom quite well – former Kardashian bodyguard Mark Behar.

Mark Behar - Actor/Celebrity Bodyguard & Personal Protection Specialist

This is soooooo fuckin NOT TRUE! Lamar brought his own drugs into the brothel. He even said so & admitted this to Dennis Hof afterward.  After all that happened Lamar sent Dennis a signed Jersey. That’s when he apologized and told Dennis what he did.
He’s just trying to cover his ass and rebuild his reputation as he tries to rebuild the ashes of his basketball career.

I was once very close friends with Lamar. Although I haven’t spoken to him in a year, we were thick as thieves when all this went down in 2015. I tried to help him out but he never knew what he was doing day-to-day.
Lamar was in a bad place. He was all fucked up over the way the Kardashian clan treated him. This was a big part of what led him to take those drugs in the first place. I don’t know why he is lying about it now. It’s one thing to try and rebuild your reputation but another altogether to trash a dead guy who can’t defend himself.
I can’t let this go. it’s not right.
Just so you know, Lamar Odom and Dennis Hof have never even met. Why would a man who doesn’t know him, or even met him want to kill him?
My good friend Bryan Worch with Dennis when he got the call about Lamar ODing. He said, “They never even met”.
Once a Kardashian, always a Kardashian.


While the Kardashian’s put out stories about how he wanted Khloe Kardashian back, Lamar Odom was pissed. He didn’t like her or her family. This is what he had to say a few years ago about a report that he was trying to get Khloe back after she filed for divorce.

“Dude. I’m not taking this shit like a bitch again & lying down. Fuck that whole fuckin’ family. That bitch ain’t gonna get away with this, this time around and it ain’t gonna be on that fuckin’ show.”

He had plans at least at the time for a tell-all book.

But several years later and now the rumor is, his former mother-in-law Kris Jenner is willing to help him make a movie about his life and with a big fat Hollywood paycheck on the line, all the sudden his story has changed.

As TMZ previously reported, police who investigated the 2015 overdose say prostitutes at the Love Ranch told them they had heard Odom snorting substances before the OD and had a “vague knowledge of him using illegal narcotics.”

Investigators later confirmed the presence of cocaine in Odom’s system — but now Lamar Odom says he did NOT knowingly take drugs that night.


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Lamar Odom Turns on Dennis Hof But Something Isn’t Adding Up Exclusive

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4 Responses

  1. What I am saying is mere speculation but I tend to think Lamar took the drugs of his own volition and that neither Dennis Hof or any of his prostitutes gave him, forced on him or had anything to do with the drugs Lamar took that evening. Dennis might have been a legal pimp but most reports I have seen show that he treated his prostitutes well (for a pimp, anyway), didn’t cheat them and didn’t allow them to take, sell or give away any Peruvian Nose Candy, Psychosis Inducing Blotter, Pills of XXXtasy, Molly Green Giants or Bathtub Speedy Gonzales Flakes on site, probably under penalty of being ejected from his “love ranches” and forced to walk back to Las Vegas with all of their stuff and banned from working for him ever again. I also don’t believe either Dennis or his prostitutes conspired or attempted to kill Lamar that night.

  2. Think of what a lowlife Odom has to be to tar a dead man who wasn’t even in the same county at the time of Odom’s overdose. A man who invited him into his place of business only to have a disaster like that happen there.

    To give any credibility to Odom’s claim, one would have believe that Hof:
    1) wanted to kill a high profile paying customer;
    2) plotted to do it in a place and in a manner that could result in his business getting shut down and its license revoked; and
    3) entrusted this dangerous plot to a couple of young brothel workers while he was hundreds of miles away.

    It boggles the mind.

    I think the fact that everyone around Odom laughed when he made the claim says it all.

    Incidentally, I spoke with Hof the day after the Odom OD occurred. He was distressed about having to talk about a client with the media. As a rule, brothels don’t discuss who their clients are or what they do on the premises, but Hof said “When an ambulance backs out of your place you’d better have some answers.” Odom is full of shit. Full stop.

  3. I agree, XXXReporter. I injected a bit of humor to my prior comment but as I think I made clear in that comment I think Lamar Odom is a liar, a cheat and a world class asshole. Lamar is doing a horrible thing trying to shift the blame for his drug overdose and the resulting stroke he had to Dennis Hof or his girls.

    Also, RIP Dennis Hof. I didn’t know him personally but he always came across as a good guy in interviews and haven’t heard too much bad about the guy.

  4. Hey, Nick From The Ham Radio Show Here.
    The Latest Revelations from Lamar don’t quite add from what we had from our interview with Dennis. Hof told us he thought it was an attempted suicide. and Our Host, Eddie was personal friends with Dennis. I couldn’t imagine Hof would do something that would hurt his own business. I heard from sources on the show that in the aftermath of the 2015 incident , Hof went around to all the properties and threaten to toss out anyone that was supplied lamar with drugs

    You can hear our interview with Hof back from 2015:

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