Karma Rx Cleans Up During Covid-19 Lockdown With New Line of Soaps @karma_rx

With COVID-19, porn stars are having to consider alternative methods of making money. Karma Rx decided to clean up during COVID with the release of her custom line of soaps.

Her soap products are all-natural, handmade soaps that look amazing and smell good too.

Karma RX’s new soap line is called Anarchist Soap company. She’s opened up an Etsy shop to sell them and each soap is made by Karma Rx herself and she actually tells you exactly what’s in each bar.

This one for example is called The Mobster. It’s made with goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, sodium hydroxide lye, sodium lactate, fragrance, and mica for coloring.

Karma Rx Cleans Up During Covid-19 Lockdown

Goat milk is incredibly good for the skin. It is soothing, ultra-moisturizing, calming, and helps with redness and discoloration. Soap made from goat milk is silky and smooth. It calms the skin and leave it soft as a feather. Look it up! Goat milk has so many amazing skin benefits.

All of her soaps at made in small batches by hand and no two bars are exactly the same, there will always be slight variations in color, size, and swirl patterns, making each bar of soap truly unique.

According to her  Etsy page, she’s made more than 5,000 sales since launch.

You can get your hands on her soap at the Anarchist Soap company official website, AnarchistSoap.com.


657150cookie-checkKarma Rx Cleans Up During Covid-19 Lockdown With New Line of Soaps @karma_rx

Karma Rx Cleans Up During Covid-19 Lockdown With New Line of Soaps @karma_rx

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  1. An actual tweet by Karma_rx: “Remember how comforting it was living in a world where you still believed Hilary Clinton didn’t rape, torture, and eat kids? Man, those were good times… and then there was that video floating around on the dark web… #thetruthhurts”

    If you truly want to support her, start by insisting she gets help.

  2. Karma_RX does not need help, I am sure if it was genuine assistance with something helpful then yes. She is Bad Ass. Cant wait to see when Brazzers does the right thing and put her in a contract. Lets have some variety. That girl is sexy as hell. Something about her that’s special

  3. Always Admired KarmaRX. She always been super nice when she comes across fans. Much respect and Love. Wish you the best with your product line. Bless you

  4. Met her a few times in random passing in South FLA . She is a hot one with pretty feet. Dont let the tats scare you she is very nice. Has her opinions and lets them known but honest and a charmer. She ought to be winning more nominations though. Bombass performer

  5. Congrats Karma RX on your business. 100% ordering some of your super cool soaps. Happy to see you on Mike South and delighted you are doing well, big fan of yours

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