Jezebels: Leigh Raven, Buck Angel, Tracy Clark-Flory and the Thirty Pieces of Silver

Jezebel – noun: One who shamelessly seeks attention from and possibly plots to use someone who is wealthy or prominent in order to gain status; licentious; wicked.


False rape accuser Leigh Raven, and her wife Nikki Hearts, having lost the argument over what consent looks like in the context of a commercial porn shoot, did what anyone who gets their ass handed to them in a public debate does: they shifted the focus to a non-issue.

Tracy Clark-Flory

To complete this desperate Hail Mary pass, they found support from hack writer in San Francisco named Tracy Clark-Flory who now works for Jezebel.

Jezebel is, among many grievous faults, the magazine that gave a byline to sexual predator and addict Hugo Schwyzer. How did that happen? It was easy: Schwyzer simply paid slimy lip service to feminist issues, and called himself a ‘male feminist’. In reality he was a married man with small children who compulsively cheated on his wife while raging against toxic masculinity; he was a community college teacher who fucked his own students; and he did it after getting the school to allow him to help write the college policy on sexual harassment and teacher-pupil encounters.

Again, by paying lip service to the issue of sexual harassment, he was granted carte blanche by uncritical ideologues. For years.

Over the weekend at Jezebel, the hyphenated Flory penned a hit piece on porn director Just Dave (its awkwardly-worded title began “Accused Porn Director. . .”, as if the 15-year veteran had somehow denied helming adult productions).

The strained article contains two basic claims: that video evidence produced by the team who shot the porn scene in which Leigh Raven claimed she was assaulted was insufficient to rebut her (evidence bereft) claims, and that Dave’s a bad guy (and, by implication, a cis-male predator) because he made a trans joke on set.

Flory is a substandard rhetorician, but worse than merely ineffectual, she is willing to deceive readers on a range of issues, including  the matter of who bears the burden of proof when one levels a charge against another.

Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit. — “Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies.”

Just Dave isn’t obliged to rebut anything; the burden falls on the accuser to prove their case.

Leigh Raven has woefully failed to do so, and the folks at Jezebel know it. Which is why, in an article entitled, “Accused Porn Director Sends Jezebel Behind-The-Scenes Footage Depicting Transphobic Jokes”, they changed the focus to what they see as the horrible, shameful, behavior of telling a joke that, they claim, doubtless created a fearful, oppressive atmosphere on set sufficient to nullify Raven’s consent.

Does any reasonable person who saw the Nikki Hearts-produced video that announced Leigh Raven’s claims, or who has read the production team’s response, actually believe that the heart of this whole episode is that someone told an offensive joke? Are you fucking serious?

Talk about misdirection! Ms. Flory, there are Colombian drug mules who don’t pull that much out of their ass.

Furthermore, in making this charge, Flory and Jezebel have infantilized Raven and, by extension, every female performer, as pitiful walking eggshells, in need of protection from big bad men and their dumb humor.

How feminist of them.

Moreover, Sunday night we put to Flory the question that represents a dominant theme in the adult industry’s examination of Raven’s charges — it concerns the manifestation of consent:

If behaving as though one consents, having a positive, cheerful demeanor, and refusing to take a director up on his offer to call for a ”cut” in the action if a boundary is overstepped, constitutes behavior that is not to be trusted or believed, then how could anyone on the set have known that she was (allegedly) distraught or experiencing intolerable discomfort?

And moreover, we ask: by the standard Hearts and Raven propose, what behavior would EVER constitute proof of “real” consent? What Hearts and Raven propound doesn’t merely attempt to rescind or invalidate consent, it un-defines consent as a concept.

Like Raven, Flory offered no answer.

This morning, my pandering remark proved rather prescient.

The man behind the curtain

Even a casual glance at the nanny cam video made that day demonstrates that the film set was nothing like what Flory and Raven want us to believe. But that’s okay… Raven, Hearts and Flory had another plan in mind: to drum up (read: manufacture) outrage in the LGBTQ community to deflect from the assault class that were rightfully going nowhere.

Enter Buck Angel, a sacred cow in the world of LGBTQ activism.

Buck Angel

Awakened from his slumber five days after the video evidence of no assault was released to the public (accompanied by a defiant press statement from the production crew and the male talent), Buck Angel was suddenly enraged. A whiff of media attention can do that after an article like the one in Jezebel goes live.

Buck Angel is not stupid; he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s milking a sensational story 1) for attention (hey, he’s a businessman with a brand), and 2) to focus attention on his personal hobby horse: trans activism (incidentally, I am a staunch supporter of trans rights).

Where Buck Angel and I differ, however, is that I still have a soul. I believe that no good cause is well-served by lying.

And considering the despicable and vitriolic claims that are routinely made about trans persons, it’s odd to say the least to see a trans activist throw his weight behind a bunch of claims that are dubious at best.

Buck, however, doesn’t give a shit, and this is the definition of fanaticism: the willingness to sacrifice others, even the falsely accused, for the sake of one’s own agenda.

That’s a bold accusation, to be sure. How can I back that up?

Buck Angel demands that you swallow his take uncritically. He is the great and powerful Oz, and he deals in revealed wisdom, not logic or reason. He gives marching orders. he will pronounce how it is.

Buck Angel’s arrogance is breathtaking. Have a look at these tweets from this morning and see for yourself.

“I am the great and powerful Oz!”  LOL eat shit, dude.


Don’t question! — the authoritarian’s cry


Jezebels: Leigh Raven, Buck Angel, Tracy Clark-Flory, and the Thirty Pieces of Silver

This is what a grandstanding idiot losing an argument looks like


Buck inspired a mind-numbed supporter to join in:

No one was impressed.

And, contrary to Jenny’s claim, we didn’t “lecture” anyone on the meaning of consent; instead we pointed out that people like Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts would un-define and destroy the concept of consent. But facts and logic are not the strong suit of people who blindly follow the ramblings of egotists like Buck Angel.


Unless you agree with Angel’s orthodoxy, the consensus view of his censorious band of finger-pointers, you are not even permitted to have an opinion. An independent mind, a mind that questions what one is told, makes one an abuser and rapist in their eyes. Particularly if one is cis-male.

Jezebels: Leigh Raven, Buck Angel, Tracy Clark-Flory and the Thirty Pieces of Silver


Pieces of silver


Buck Angel is a hypocrite.

In 2013, Buck and fellow transman Jody Rose suddenly shut down a website that was billed as a way to raise money for gender confirmation surgeries following allegations that the enterprise was a scam.

Several writers, The Advocate reported, “including Eminism and Transplantportation, pointed out that the concept of ‘paying it forward’ through 25 percent of sales going toward those on a waiting list, was very similar in nature to that of a pyramid scheme,”

Employing his well-worn victimhood strategy, Angel posted a note to the website accusing the critics of Transgasm of spreading “false lies” [sic] and engaging in “Oppression Olympics style rhetoric.”

He and Rose then replaced the site’s header with this ALL-CAPS kiss off:


The problem is, Angel previously voiced the opposite view.

On the matter of whether transgender people should crowdsource and fundraise for surgical procedures, The Advocate noted, “Angel once denounced the idea that transgender individuals should help one another in fundraising for medical procedures.”

“Ugh, don’t get me started,” he told the Village Voice in 2007. “That’s my hugest pet peeve. You want to be a man? Act like a man. Men take care of themselves. Very rarely do they fucking beg for money. Get a fucking job and save your money like a man. Asking for a handout for surgery — it really bothers me. It’s just wrong.”

Buck will tell you how to be a man, and what you can and cannot do. He will tell you what is and isn’t good for the trans community.

And if you question him, or point out his hypocrisy, he will label you a bigot.

Kill Your Idols

It’s very sad to have to write this of Buck Angel, someone I once admired and supported. And the worn-out tactic of labeling anyone who disagrees with you a rapist is not only transparent, it’s a slap in the face to anyone who’s ever been a victim of rape.

Words are not rape, Buck, any more than what happened on Just Dave’s film set was, and it’s repulsive for you to suggest otherwise. Shame on you.

I asked you a question – do you know who Judas was?!?

Yes, I know who Judas was. He was a man I worked for and admired until he disgraced the four stars on his uniform.

— ‘Seven Days in May’ (1964), screenplay by Rod Serling


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Jezebels: Leigh Raven, Buck Angel, Tracy Clark-Flory and the Thirty Pieces of Silver

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12 Responses

  1. It takes a lot to convince me that a rape accusation is not true. However, Just Dave’s “nanny cam” recorded more than enough evidence to prove Leigh’s and Nikki’s rape accusation not to be true. It is too bad that society has come to this — having to have a second camera rolling the whole time a performer is on set to protect the director, producer and PAs. What would have happened to Just Dave if he hadn’t had the foresight to have that second camera rolling? I doubt anyone could have convinced me that the accusations of rape and assault were false without at least the compliance videos from before and after the scene (many producers now record these compliance videos but not a second camera rolling the whole time a performer is on set – until this happened I think Just Dave was literally the only producer recording these “nanny cam” videos but I bet most of the industry has started doing so after this fiasco), the second camera’s footage during the whole time Leigh was on set was icing on Just Dave’s defense against Leigh’s accusations and probably saved him criminal charges and an expensive defense at trial (or a plea bargain and time in prison if he couldn’t afford that defense). Now all producers are going to have to spend the $400 on a second (cheaper) camera, SD card, tripod, batteries, etc. to record these defense videos to keep themselves out of legal trouble. That might give Sony and Canon some sales but is a cost to producers that shouldn’t be necessary but in this legal environment probably is.

  2. Pierre Woodman does the same thing for the same reason. Some of the girls (and their suitcase pimps) try to earn a 2nd payday thru extortion over rape or rough treatment.

  3. Many producers do. One of the first I can recall was Max Hardcore, after a performer sued him. He plainly called the procedure “CYA”.

    If you’re shooting any kind of content today, not just rough or provocative scenes but any kind of content, you’re a fool if you don’t document everything and get into a level of detail.

    These fanatics are at war with “heteronormative” standards of sexuality and they do not care if they have to ruin innocent lives to make a point. Fucking fascists.

  4. Sam, unfortunately I have to agree with you. I wonder what has gone unreported for Pierre Woodman and others to start rolling a “nanny cam” on his set even before Just Dave’s run in with two skanks (Leigh and Nikki) and a YouTube video. I think it is ridiculous that producers would have to go to this extreme to protect themselves but that is evidently the environment they work in today.

    As for Max Hardcore, if he goes back to doing the scenes he did before his stint in “Federal Bubba Ass Rape Land” nothing will save his ass — not even a “nanny cam”. For the most part I am a supporter of free speech and adult consensual sex but Max’s porn went beyond what even most forcible rapists would do. I have trouble supporting anyone’s “right” to shove a speculum so far up someone’s ass that it almost comes out of her pussy or having her perform as a three year old while getting Max dick so far down her throat that she pukes up her whole stomach. I won’t go so far as to claim that Max was appropriately punished — that was supposedly consensual after all — but Max Hardcore’s idea of porn was stomach turning and revolting and that is putting it mildly.

  5. Woodman went thru that with Lana Rhoades and the drama she caused him. She said he did and said some terrible things but the nanny cam proved it was not true.

  6. I don’t know where producers and shooters buy their cameras but I bet they are out of Sony Handicams right now with every producer not already rolling a “nanny cam” buying them up to start rolling them ASAP. Amazon has some Sony HDRCX405’s left as of this comment’s posting for $185.94 (a cheap consumer level Handicam is probably good enough for a “nanny cam”, an expensive production level video camera is not likely necessary). I haven’t looked but I bet cheap tripods made for these cameras are also on Amazon. Maybe I just helped a producer by making this post. I know if I were producing I would likely run a “nanny cam” after what Just Dave was subjected to by Skankadee and Skankadum. What a mess this world has come to! How does a producer protect himself from skanks like Leigh and Nikki?

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