Why working with an unlicensed agent could cost you more than just money

The other day LA Direct Models issued an official statement that said in short, they would not allow their talent to work performers who work with unlicensed agents, which includes East Coast Talent. It was recently revealed that their license wasn’t just expired, but had been fraudulently obtained and as a result been suspended by the State of California.

There are a few reasons why is working with an agency without a license a big deal but the one I want to bring to your attention today is something that could cost you more than money, it could cost you, your life.

The other day an unlicensed agent booked a scene with a producer in New York. They did not bother to check if the tests were valid with the male talent, nor did they tell their girl that she should when she gets on set. It was later revealed the male talent he booked his girl with had no test at all.

Turns out this “agent” (or so he calls himself) had never checked for valid tests for any scenes he had booked for his performers.

This isn’t the only unlicensed agent who is guilty of this. The problem is, most unlicensed agents are new. They tend to think anyone can be an agent but it’s not really an easy job and there is much more to it than just booking a few scenes for your talent. You have to have the right connections and the marketing knowledge to understand the value of your product. You also have to know to do things like check the validity of STI tests.

They don’t get how Go See’s work either. I’m shocked at just how many “agents” are out there and not sending their talent on these important meetings with producers. One girl said “Arch Angel doesn’t do Go See’s” three days ago. Only they do. Her “agent” just didn’t know where they were.  Of course it’s not shock her agent wasn’t licensed.

Sending your talent to work with untested performers can hurt the performer not only by putting them at a higher rate of getting things like HIV but also if word gets out that the performer is working without a condom with people who are not tested then producers will stop booking them.

That’s what happened to this girl. A producer in Las Vegas had her booked for three scenes. They were all cancelled.

Producers aren’t typically big fans of agents in general. Most consider them a necessary evil. But when it comes to the fake agents (aka those without a license) they are down right dismissive, as they should be.

They consider them blood suckers.

Don’t make the mistake of working with a fake agent. Check to ensure your agent has a license.

But even more importantly, don’t put your life in someone else’s hands. Always check yourself any time you work with someone. Demand to see their valid test from Talent Testing or CET before you do a scene with anyone.

If you don’t want to get HIV, Chlamydia, Syphilis or God only knows what else, then take the time to make sure your partner has a valid STI test. Never have sex without one.


148980cookie-checkWhy working with an unlicensed agent could cost you more than just money

Why working with an unlicensed agent could cost you more than just money

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