Update on the Rob Baker Murder Case

It was just over a year ago since we’ve last updated you regarding the ongoing murder charges for former male porn star Rob Baker.

On our last update, we learned that the grand jury indicted Rob baker and his lover Monica Sementilli (wife of the murder victim), on capital murder as well as charges of conspiring to kill Fabio Sementilli.

Fabio Sementilli, murdered January 23, 2017
Fabio Sementilli, murdered January 23, 2017

We also learned last year that Monica (the victim’s wife and Rob Baker’s lover), called Rob Baker over 9,000 times in the year before the murder while Baker reciprocated by phoning her over 17,000 in the same time period.

That means these two were speaking something like 71 conversations a day these two were having.

[see full felony complaint from LA County here]

Since our last article in September of 2018, they’ve had 7 pre-trial hearings.

At one of the pre-trial hearings, they set a day for a hearing on April 29, 2019, for a 6-week trial. However, that date was later changed because the defense had a hard drive of 2 terabytes of evidence that they had to review. The defense stated that discovery included more than 100,000 pages.

The victim’s wife –  Rob Baker’s lover, has a fancy attorney working on her defense, while Rob Baker has a public defender. As you might expect, the fancy attorney is working hard to sever the two cases, so no doubt they can blame the whole thing on Rob Baker.

On the July 16, 2019, pre-trial hearing Rob Baker refused to come out of his cell. The judge ordered a permanent extraction order. He does, however, appear to his next pre-trial hearing that took place a few weeks ago and they set a new trial date of October 16th. But in reality, it does not look like they will go to trial on that date. Rob Baker’s attorney said he doesn’t think he’ll be trial-ready before 2020.

For this, he blames to prosecution for overwhelming him with discovery which is over 100,000 pages as well as a 2 terabyte hard drive.

I will keep you updated on the case as new information becomes available.



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Update on the Rob Baker Murder Case

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