Stories That Not Be False: Vegas pimp may be released amidst police corruption probe

Here we go, Stories That Not Be False™ dropping the latest TEA in honor of a certain illiterate crone and porn washout, and her audience of 12 shut-ins.

Our latest edition comes from an item in The Baltimore Post-Examiner entitled, “Las Vegas sex trafficker in prison for life may be released amidst police corruption probe”. Readers know well, a corruption probe is not a good kind of probe, falling somewhere just below an alien anal probe on the probe scale.

Is a corruption probe better than an anal probe?

All joking aside, this is a fascinating case. The Baltimore Post-Examiner reports that,

notorious Las Vegas pimp Ocean Fleming, who was convicted in August of 2012 of 23 counts including kidnapping, pandering, living from earnings of a prostitute, and battery, and sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after serving five years, may be released from prison based on a re-negotiation of his charges, according to a source with knowledge of the case.

Ocean Fleming arrest photo

Under the terms of a proposed deal, Fleming could be eligible for parole immediately. If the judge were to run the counts of kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon consecutively, the maximum time he could possibly serve is 21 months.




In court records filed in 2017 and 2018 in Clark County District Court, Fleming’s attorneys have alleged that current and former police detectives with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department who were once part of a pimp enforcement team are corrupt.

According to court documents, Fleming’s attorneys allege that former LVMPD Detective, Chris Baughman, and other detectives were involved in a criminal conspiracy with Jamal Rashid, known as “Mally Mall” a millionaire music producer and suspected Vegas prostitution kingpin.  The detectives allegedly received monthly cash payments from Rashid and in return, the police targeted rival pimps on behalf of Rashid to eliminate his competition.

Fleming in court filings has alleged that LVMPD Detective Chris Baughman and Al Beas were both having sex with Jessica Gruda, the primary witness against him and that Baughman, the lead detective in his prosecution was also believed to have been having a romantic/sexual relationship with the lead prosecutor, Assistant Clark County District Attorney, Elizabeth Mercer (and Baughman’s current wife) during his prosecution and trial in 2012. He alleges that Baughman was also having a romantic/sexual relationship at the time with his supervisor, Lt. Karen Hughes, now retired from the LVMPD.

he LVMPD is the subject of an FBI federal corruption probe.


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Stories That Not Be False: Vegas pimp may be released amidst police corruption probe

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