Scottie of Plush Talent has a hearing on Monday

Scottie Ohanian who also goes by the name Scottie Platinum from Plush Talent has a hearing on Monday. He will be going before the judge, and probably be requesting a reduction in his million dollar bail. He will also officially hear the charge(s) against him.

Considering the nature of the charges against him and the fact that he has no ties to the community, no job or place of residence, it is not likely he’ll be released.

The victim – who we will not name because she’s a victim of a sex crime –  is an Instagram model and has nothing whatsoever to do with the porn industry.

She and her friend both reported the crime but it is my understanding that only one of them was raped (or is claiming rape) and her rape kit is currently being processed. I was told by a legal expert that once the rape kit is processed, Scottie can no doubt expect additional charges added to his current.

We will have more on this story as it develops.


235250cookie-checkScottie of Plush Talent has a hearing on Monday

Scottie of Plush Talent has a hearing on Monday

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