Did you know that Derrick Pierce was Implicated in a Murder?

Someone mentioned the other day, how you don’t really know someone, even if you work with them for years. This person was referring to male performer Derrick Pierce who he had worked with for years and had he no idea that he was implicated in a murder and that he was involved a criminal organization.

Did you know that Derrick Pierce was Implicated in a Murder?

Derrick Pierce has been making the rounds lately, taking the high road against what he calls “shady agents, pimps and producers.” The funny thing is, he has quite the interesting past himself.

Derrick Pierce was once married to a prostitute who now goes by the name of Lydia Dupra. While in porn she went by the name of Melina Mason.

Melina Mason

She brags about her “accomplishments”, saying, — I’m Lydia Dupra, a former adult entertainer most known for my adult film career and wild escapades as a high-class escort. I once made 90,000 USD in one night. Well, 4 hours to be exact.

She mentors others on how to be a hooker. Seriously, she calls herself the Heaux Mentor (pronounced Ho Mentor).

Only what she doesn’t say is that just a few years ago, she was flat broke, living in the Society 15 Model House, and hanging out with the likes of Scottie Ohanian from Plush Talent getting coked out of her mind, begging him to take her on as her agent because Society 15 wasn’t booking her any way.

I recently spoke to someone who overheard her making a shocking claim, that she was sexually assaulted by Randy from Society 15 when he came to the model house one-night coked-up (her words not mine). When asked about the incident, because you know he prefers males, she said, that he said, “It doesn’t count because I’m gay“, then proceded to try and force his fingers inside of her vagina.

She later recanted her statement claiming they are close friends, however, a few months later she left Society 15 and again was heard at an industry event, retelling the story of how much of a “low life scumbag” Randy is. So who knows what really happened. She also claims that he would provide the girls in the model house with a copious amount of drugs as a means to offset his income.

When she left porn she hooked up with a sugar daddy, who then died, without giving her any more money in his will and she was pissed. As a result, she left him a savage tribute and the story went viral.

She decided to turn her 15 minutes of fame into a career. Like most lifestyle experts, she writes books and her experience as a prostitute and teaches classes on how you too can be a prostitute.

So what does this have to do with Derrick Pierce you ask? Well, he in a video from Vice in June of 2018, during which time Derrick Pierce and Melina Mason (aka Lydia Dupra) were together. In fact, she renamed herself “Lydia Dupra” based off of HIS legal name. And it was well known that Derrick Pierce didn’t have any love for Derek Hay.

So not so shockingly, it was around this time that Lydia Dupra did her video with Dan Przygoda from NBC, speaking out against Derek Hay and LA Direct Models.


During her interview, she claimed that she previously filed a complaint with the Labor Commissioner against Derek Hay. But what she neglects to mention is that she withdrew the complaint of her own accord.

In her complaint against Derek Hay of LA Direct Models, she alleged that he forced her into the illegal escort business. Yes, the very business she bragged about how she made $$ millions during the span of her career. I wonder what the IRS would have to say about that.

So as Lydia Dupra brags about being a prostitute, she is at the same time trying to tell the world it’s something Derek Hay forced her into. Why? Because it got her mug on TV and that allowed her to promote her new book, The Complete Guide to Escorting: Advanced Techniques.

The Complete Guide to Escorting: Advanced Techniques

In 2016 Derrick Pierce tried to brand himself as a sex worker expert. When that didn’t work he helped Lydia Dupra do it — or as she calls it, a Heaux Mentor (pronounced HO mentor).

Derrick Pierce

Not a single person or news outlet that I’m aware of stopped to say, hey maybe these allegations, girls like Melina Mason are making, might be false. It was easier to believe the lies because people heard Derek Hay was a dick. Even the Free Speech Coalition jumped on the screw Derek Hay bandwagon when he got #METOO’d, even without a single shred of evidence being presented – nor a single police report filed.

The truth of the matter is, anyone can make up a lie about someone they don’t like. But when it comes to the courts, you have to prove what you said is true. And when you can’t back up what you said with any sort of actual evidence, the person you lied about never seems to get their apology.

There is never a printed story about how some girl accused their agent of a bad thing but she lied. I guess it’s not as interesting to read a story about that. It’s far more fun to hear about the jerk agent or the creepy producer.

Derrick Pierce is a popular male performer. But the facts are, he is also involved with some bad people and has done some very bad things.

The Black Mafia Gangsters (BMG) is a criminal organization which requires its members to “do work” (commit crimes) for the gang. Senior members are called “big homies,” and in gang culture, they are entitled to be treated with respect from younger gang members. BMG formed less than 20 years ago when Lewis and some friends were of highschool age and evolved into a criminal street gang that he ran from his Los Angeles tattoo shop, according to prosecutors.

John Joseph Lewis (aka John “Rocky” Lewis), Fred Williams, Kufanya Gentry, Donald Brown and Bakari Pitts were Black Mafia Gang (BMG) members. In December of 2005, Kufanya Gentry was shot by someone in Oxnard, California.

After Gentry was shot, Lewis drove Pitts to Ventura where they met Gentry. Gentry said that Williams and Kevin Lee shot him and that Williams was a “snitch” who was responsible for Donald Brown being in prison.

Lewis told Pitts, “You be hanging around [Williams]. You should do something about it.” Pitts testified that Lewis wanted him “to get rid of” Williams, in other words, “to kill him.” Pitts agreed because in the BMG Lewis was his “big homie.” Pitts and Williams were friends, but Pitts could not say no to Lewis because you “do as your big homies tell you to do.”

Guess who was there the night of the murder?


Good old Derrick Pierce.

When questioned by the authorities about his involvement, he lied.

Derrick Pierce claimed that he and this John “Rocky” Lewis, the reported head of the BMG, were never there. Only, bad news for Derrick Pierce, the cops got a copy of their text messages and they found a text message from Lewis to Derrick Pierce telling him to lie to the cops, to say they were never there.

Lewis testified that he did not “have anything at all to do with the death of Fred Williams. He used Derrick Pierce as his alibi. He got Derrick Pierce to lie for him in a MURDER trial.

(DERRICK PIERCE), a friend of Lewis, testified that he and Lewis drove home that Sunday from a motorcycle event in Oakland and never stopped in Bakersfield or at Sebastian’s house. But the prosecution introduced a recorded phone conversation between (DERRICK PIERCE) and Lewis which took place in June of 2006. Lewis told (DERRICK PIERCE), “Just for the record when we came back from Oakland that time. . . . [¶] We just went straight through. Didn’t stop nowhere but for gas.” (DERRICK PIERCE) responded, “Oh, yeah. Most definitely.”

Obviously lying to cover a murder is much worse than lying about an agent you don’t like and getting them #MeToo’d or having your girlfriend do it, but still, a lie is a lie. And they speak volumes about what kind of person he is.

It took a jury less than three hours to find John “Rocky” Lewis guilty of first-degree murder for his role in the 2006 death of 29-year-old Fred Williams of Oxnard, California. Williams, 29, of Oxnard was shot execution-style. This was a murder that Derrick Pierce was directly involved in covering up.

To me is the most damning part of the court documents is what is said below. It shows just how cold-hearted these people are — the whole lot of them, Derrick Pierce including. They really didn’t even care that a person was dead. It was all just a business transaction to them.

Pitts claimed the killing of Williams was not personal. It was part of the gang’s business of eliminating a snitch.

And this is the guy you want to direct or perform in your next movie?


While I realize this took place many years ago, you can’t even argue that over the years Derrick Pierce has changed because here we are in 2019, more than a decade later and he’s still out there lying and getting other people to lie to hurt his perceived enemies.

Truth be damned. It didn’t matter when it came to murder, and it doesn’t matter for anything else apparently.

Remember that the next time you hire this guy or associate yourself in any way with him.

Will he turn on you next?

Or will your reputation get dragged through the mud for associating or hiring him?

If he’s lied about others before, will you be next?

Derrick Pierce is currently represented by OC Modeling. We reached out to them for a comment about his involvement in a murder, they have yet to respond.


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Did you know that Derrick Pierce was Implicated in a Murder?

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