Kink Replaces Longtime Affiliate Manager Jesse Garza recently replaced their longtime affiliate rep Jesse Garza on or around March 28, just hours after he returned from Phoenix Forum.

It is unclear what prompted the sudden replacement, of this 2018 XBIZ Biz Dev Executive of the Year nominee but my sources are saying at least two new people are now there cleaning up the mess he left behind.

Although Jesse Garza was beloved by many, he was hated by just as many.

He had a reputation for saying nasty things to people on industry boards, those he felt were beneath him.

I’m not trying to be a dick here but let’s be real, good ridden’s to bad rubbish. When you have an affiliate rep that treats potential affiliates like shit, it kind of makes your whole company look bad. Even if he had his group of friends, he was just rude to far too many.

We reached out to reps from Kink to find out if this is what promoted him removal but have yet to hear back.

All we can say for now is that hopefully, they will find someone far more professional to represent their company in the future.


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Kink Replaces Longtime Affiliate Manager Jesse Garza

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  1. Isn’t that the Jesse that started out as a PA about 15 years ago? I was unaware of his bad behavior toward affiliates and potential affiliates but if Porn News’ sources are correct it sounds like he made one hell of a mess. With Kink moving out of the Armory, moving into a much smaller office and getting out of the large events service as a result I would expect a bunch of event management and maintenance people to lose their jobs as well. With California laws regarding terminations maybe it was easier to terminate Jesse via a “layoff” during the same reportable period as 20-30 other people rather than attempt to terminate him for cause on his own. Kink has to allow the state to pay him unemployment and charge it to their UIA account that way but canning him during a mass layoff protects them from a possible unlawful termination lawsuit (a real problem because of California’s strict employee protection law — not a familiar concept for most of the country where at will employment is still legal unlike CA where it is very difficult to fire someone legally “for cause” — meaning a firing due to accusations of bad behavior or not doing his/her job appropriately). March 28, 2018 would have been the approximate layoff date for Kink’s events management and building maintenance employees anyway as they were required to be out of the Armory by the end of the month.

    As for Kink responding to this article, good luck. The only person that would likely respond is Peter himself (Lissette has been gone for years — she would have been the PR person in the glory days) and with the move to a new office he is probably very overloaded with work. I have no idea how things are working out at Kink but know they have shrunk drastically and sent its directors out of state to get away from AIDS Healthcare Foundation owner Michael Weinstein’s vendetta against the company (Michael has been using friends at Cal-OSHA to do his bidding and run porn companies he doesn’t like out of either the state or out of business completely). I am surprised Peter has kept video editing and back office staff in California but they have and evidently they have leased office space so they could sell and move out of the Armory. They have also apparently stopped production on 5 or 6 sites, look at Kink’s website and the last posted scenes on the discontinued sites is either in December 2017 or January 2018.

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