Thank You Kayden Kross

 This is a bit over due but It is important to me.  I want to publicly thank Kayden Kross for her appearance at Flamingo Showclub over the Thanksgiving Holidays.  Kayden was personable, friendly and of all the “features” I have dealt with she was the only one who was no drama.  She didn’t get drunk., she was professional from the minute she came in to the minute she left. The staff loved her and so did the customers.

I was pleasantly surprised with how absolutely stunning she is.  I have known Kayden since her first days in the biz and I can honestly say her body and face have never looked better.  She isn’t too skinny and her curves are as perfect as I have ever seen, she has the best legs in the biz bar none.

Is this a lot of credit?  Yes it is but it is absolutely deserved.  She did the feature as a favor to me and that was incredibly unselfish considering her busy schedule and limited time with her family over the holidays.

I am proud of Kayden and the person she has become and I am proud to call her one of my best friends.  More than that she is like family.

Thank You to Kayden and thank you to Digital Playground for supporting this effort, you guys did good signing her, this is one girl you will never have to babysit or worry about how she will represent your company.

Thank You Kayden, We all love you very much!

(Photo Compliments of Dirty Bob)

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Thank You Kayden Kross

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