I’ll Take the High Road Thank You

I have been in Ohio for a few weeks visiting friends and trying to have some fun and relax. Then this whole Kayden Kross things hits an inferior site and creates a tempest in a teacup that has basically become a joke to anyone with any sense.

As Tim Case said it “this has become a farce…sleeping with an investigator? a team of criminal masterminds? Fifi laughs.

What nobody seems to comprehend is why a second rate, drug addled trust fund baby has such a grind with Kross?  Or maybe it’s Adam and Eve…who knows.

Even moreso why does Gene Ross have a grind?  Maybe finally these two have found someone they can trash to make themselves feel better about the fact that they are, at best, fourth rate flunkies.

So they try to drag me into it insinuating that i am a “shill” for whoever….As anyone who reads me knows…I don’t answer to anybody but my readers, nobody tells me what to write nor will they. But these guys both know that.

I don’t solicit work for Kayden, I don’t set her rates, I don’t do her dance bookings, I don’t write her press releases and I don’t tell her what she can or can not do.  She doesn’t need any of that.

As do my readers.

Anyway Im done with this until something of significance happens and when its all settled you will find out what really happened and who the bad guys (and good guys) really are.

So let the monkeys sling the shit. When it’s all overthe straight dope will be here….It’ll make a great movie.

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I’ll Take the High Road Thank You

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