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If the indians had of had a better handle on immigration control where would america be today.

From Quasarman:

Just my 3 cents

I didn’t see one goddamned Canadian flag amongst the hundreds of thousands of protestors who took to the streets of every major American city last week. Plenty of Mexican flags, Guatemalan flags, El Salvadoran flags but not a maple leaf to be found. What about my sense of misplaced outrage and entitlement? What about my culture? My imagined inalienable rights? I demand the introduction of the word “eh” into the American lexicon. Also, the letter “U” should be inserted into the following words – Neighbor, color, and honor. I also demand that the letter “U” be taken out of the word U-haul for no particular reason. I demand that all major U.S breweries increase the alcohol content of their most popular brands (Ol’Milwaukee can stay as it is. Nobody cares except the homeless ).

If you don’t give in to all of these demands I will label you an incorrigible racist and shame you into silence.
But seriously…….

As an immigrant myself, I know it may seem hypocritical but I view the current pro-immigration demonstrations taking place nationwide with much disdain. Partcularly because of the abundance of Mexican flags hoisted on high like so many self-righteous pinatas. Rule #1 to would-be immigrants; if your country of origin is so utterly splendid and your pride in it so thick that you must shout to the world your attachment and allegiance, perhaps you should return to it and bestow upon it your invaluable talents. Sure, I’ll have to mow my own lawn but that’s a small price to pay to help make your third world hellhole a better place.

Butl let’s talk about the average illegal Mexican guy selling a bag of oranges by the freeway off-ramp; in all seriousness I respect him as a human being, I respect his work ethic and his desire for a better life but once he hoists up the Mexican flag and joins a mob that is in all seriousness trying to convince people that America would collapse without people selling fruit at freeway off-ramps, I lose a little bit of that respect. I sincerely hope that congress passes a comprehensive immigration reform bill that allows unskilled and undocumented workers from all over the world, not just Mexico and central America, to gain temporary legal status and do the shitty jobs that America’s high school dropouts are too lazy to do. Keep in mind, people in other countries wait YEARS to come here legally playing by the rules. It’s not their fault that they’re not as conveniently located as Mexico.

Coming from Canada I can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to come from a country where the primary export is poverty and cocaine. At the same time, showing a little respect would go a long way. If I moved to France I’d learn French. At least try to learn english and relinquish some of that latino bravado that tells you that selling out to the gringos is akin to ethnic treason.

E Pluribus Unum – “From many…one”. Not “From many….Mexico”.

And Finally Kahn Tusion:

Says that he has not been served a warrant, indicted or otherwise and still has his limo. If he did I suspect a close relative who is a nationally syndicated talk show host on legal matters might have something to say about it.

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