OSHA Reports Re-appear with Violations

OSHA.gov Search Images from 2/4/14, 2/20/14, 3/8/14 and 4/11/14 should remove any doubt that Five Activity Reports disappeared.

FOIA is moving along to find out why these reports were removed from public view as well as some type of explanation for why three “Nr” (activity numbers) for Kink.com seem to have permanently disappeared while a fourth unique Nr has appeared. OSHA routinely combines complaints and often issues one Citation for multiple Nr but it is highly irregular that three Nr seem to be combined into a fourth unique Nr.

Sx Video Dba So Cal Media and John Staglaino have re-appeared with Violations. Both reports are still listed as open which means this information is subject to change. As of 4-11-14 Sx Video doesn’t show contest (appeal) or payment, Stagliano shows prompt appeal (contest) with a changed/updated Establishment name.

original search 2-4-14 shows the five reports that disappeared
original search 2-4-14 shows the five reports that disappeared


2-20-14 five reports missing
2-20-14 five reports missing


3-8-14 Sx Video is back, Cybernet with new Activity Number but no references to three missing Nr & Stagliano still mia
3-8-14 Sx Video is back, Cybernet with new Activity Number but no references to three missing Nr & Stagliano still mia


4-11-14 Stagliano returns with new Establishment name yet Activity Nr remains the same, as does Sx Video. Three Cybernet Activity NR are still MIA and not referenced in docs related to new Activity NR
4-11-14 Stagliano returns with new Establishment name yet Activity Nr remains the same, as does Sx Video. Three Cybernet Activity NR are still MIA and not referenced in docs related to new Activity NR

Links to Updated Sx Video and Stagliano

updated Sx Video showing violations issued 1/3/14 and 2/3/14 without reference to contest or payment. https://www.osha.gov/pls/imis/establishment.inspection_detail?id=317025591

Notice the same Nr Activity Number from 2-4-14
Notice the same Nr Activity Number from 2-4-14


updated John Stagliano showing violations issued 2/19/14 promptly contested on 2/27/14 https://www.osha.gov/pls/imis/establishment.inspection_detail?id=317143170


Same Number new Name
Same Number new Name

Based on the run around so far it doesn’t look like OSHA wants to explain this procedural anomaly anytime soon but I’ll update as information warrants.


97640cookie-checkOSHA Reports Re-appear with Violations

OSHA Reports Re-appear with Violations

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23 Responses

  1. As long as you keep them out there in California and out of Nevada and elsewhere, we don’t care. we don’t need no HIV+ gay male escorts using caverject and spreading that shit over here in Arizona and in LV.

    Either put the fukin condoms on or don’t shoot. And keep those Trannys over there in LA too. Thanks have a good weekend.

  2. Talk about Derick Hey sending girls to do privates under the guise that they are going to a film shoot!

  3. @billy

    What do you want me to say…i don’t know anyone involved and won’t write something with names that I can’t verify.

    My take on an agent sending a performer to a shoot that turns out to be a private she didn’t consent to…is that she ought to leave and enforce the agreed payment on her agent. If the agent refuses to pay up, get a lawyer and break the contract that can no longer be trusted.

    That’s the bottom line, if your agent can’t respect a NO to privates then you damn sure can’t trust them to respect your other NO’s. If the agent cries..boo hoo I didn’t know…screw that…it’s their job to know and further proof that they can’t hold up their end of the contract…be smart don’t try to battle on twitter or have emotional phone outbursts..just send a an email to demand payment followed with a registered letter and refuse to take calls until you have a lawyer to break the contract.

  4. An agent sending a performer to a private, consensual or otherwise, is prostitution. It’s illegal.

  5. @Lurking –
    Oh, it’s so much more complicated than you’re giving it credit for… there’s so much going on behind the scenes that never gets discussed. Lol.

    It is a known fact that many agents set up “privates” for talent. It’s been happening for years.
    This is extremely common and a fairly regular practice that’s rarely talked about…

    If you’re willing to show up to some house you’ve never been to before to fuck strangers you’ve never met before with a camera on a tripod, then these same performers doing “privates” shouldn’t be THAT big of a surprise.

    Sending them with no knowledge that the person they’re going to fuck is the same person who’s going to hand them the cash isn’t really all that different.

    The politics and games behind the scenes are what makes it dangerous, not the “private.” Sex trafficking is no fucking joke and the intimidation tactics are generally severe. That’s the real problem.

    I would think that doing “privates” would be very common within the industry for many of the veteran performers?
    It’s been said multiple times that performing in porn is nothing more than a billboard for escorting work. The same could be said for feature dancing and cam work. From a marketing standpoint, it makes perfect sense.

    Obviously, if a performer specifically states that she doesn’t want to do “privates” then that should be respected, but let’s be honest… it’s not THAT big of a stretch. Money is money.

  6. Hey Billy,
    Have you called out XBIZ or AVN to report on this? Isn free speech a bitch billy. Free speech includes the right to not talk about something if you wish, like mos of the industry wont talk about the actual rate of stds, or the huge amount of illegal prostitution that performers, thats guys too engage in.

    A much bigger issue than the girls prostituting with men, is the male performers who prostitute with other ment. Billy, have yo called on anyone else to report on this? How about calling on the PASS medical advisory board to report on this?

    These are major issues in the industry, I would like to see the policy makers, like the FSC report on these issues.

  7. @ Billy

    Nice to have that cleared up…still seems odd that you’d ask about this on an OSHA post

  8. @Lacey

    Not complicated at all…nor a secret. I personally know that it’s been happening for over 35 years and how contracts are used to intimidate with threats of no work. Are twitter wars or emotional phone calls going to be more effective than quietly demanding payment & if that doesn’t work hiring an attorney who starts busting the contracts used to blacklist the naysayers?

    My opinion stands that leaving and quietly telling the agent to pay up (and/or quietly having attorney bust contract) is less likely to get you blacklisted than a twitter war or wasting your time talking shit.

    Agree money is money & time is money too…some want to do privates that their agent books and takes a fee for, others don’t. If it’s on your NO list, verbal or written then it needs to be respected. No one is going to respect you if you don’t use the word NO to respect yourself and your brand.

    If a performer goes to what they think is a legit shoot & is confronted with a private client hellbent on making them stay by force, then it’s time to get creative and use the restroom for a private call to 911..and if that opportunity isn’t an option then at first moment of freedom call or go to LE for assistance. If that doesn’t work start making & documenting calls to get assistance through mayor, legislators and legit advocacy groups, if that doesn’t work it’s time to use the media to out the LE who didn’t help.

    ..in the absence of force leave, email or privately text agent. Assume it was a mistake (even if you know damn well it wasn’t) Give agent a chance to make it right by paying for your time and let agent handle disappointed client…that’s their business not yours and any appeals by agent about their disgruntled client need to be deflected back..”looks like you have two problems then, an upset private client you haven’t delivered to and a pissed off contract holder who expects to be paid for her time”

    Invest hoped for first shoot fee into having a contract attorney check out and amend the standard agent contract BEFORE signing. Anyone savvy enough to go it w/o attorney preview is hopefully savvy enough to get a copy before issues crop up. If you don’t have a copy a demand letter from a contract attorney is more likely to work than emotional calls or twitter wars.

  9. @Jilted

    Speaking of major issues…lots of fingers pointing at AB1586 and OSHA as bad guys not so much the fact that performers (on their own and facilitated by stakeholders) are going to continue using prophylactic antibiotics and anti-virals to defeat STI testing; leaving STI risk even if a happy medium of testing and exclusion/condoms/barriers when STI are present were adopted.

    That reality is why no-one believes the statistical anomaly of prolific performers shouting from roof tops about never having had an STI. Anyone with basic science knows that just like drug tests STI tests can be defeated.

    Before random drug testing became standard the only known accidents caused by drugs were the ones proven by testing done as part of treatment or post-mortem.

  10. @Lacey

    A camera and some paperwork…which is why I think it’s great that performers are talking about content that magically disappears. Agents forget that performers feeling the tech crunch are also relying on every scene getting to the consumer for increased recognition and brand building in exchange for signing away their rights to the content.

    Skirting the law with a cellphone camera is fine for those who don’t mind doing privates and bullshit when it’s used to skirt a performers NO to privates as a way of grooming them into acquiescence without a camera down the road.

    BTW any performer with NO to privates that sticks around a cellphone event where there isn’t lighting and/or a third party expecting to see content at a later date needs a reality check. The only brand they built that day was their status as an escort.

  11. LMAO can anyone imagine what would happen if agents told private client, she’ll only do legit scenes so if you want her a tripod camera isn’t gonna work, but I can book a camera guy for an extra $500 whose good enough to hide your face and we’ll edit out any accidental face images?

    In hindsight Nannula would say its a bargain, he probably would have even gone another five bills for final edit rights 😉

  12. Tiffany has chosen NOT to give me that story, she is pursuing it with monica Foster and the way it has gone off track on on to other people I dont think theres a lot of credibility there.

    if any girl will go on the record about Derek or anyone else I want to hear it, but if they dont talk to me theres not much i can do till something happens.

  13. Policy Makers? What are you talking about? I really don’t get all this FSC talk. They have absolutely no power at all in this industry. I’ve never heard anyone Talent/Producers/Directors/Agents talk about the FSC. It’s mostly all done on this site.

  14. Thank you Mike. Not a wise choice to go with Monica, funny how TRPWL didn’t pick on this. Oh, I forgot they are in bed with TLC.

  15. @Billy

    Did you miss the five years of meetings FSC participated in with OSHA? Maybe the LAtimes and all the other publications that love to quote the ‘industry trade association’?

    Hey at least were talking and not quoting the damn party lines that mean jack shit.

  16. NP man I think Tiffany is going to regret this and if and when she does reach out to me it will make it harder to take her seriously but I will do what I can should it happen. If she was sent to a private under the guise that it was a legit shoot that shit should stop…she has a leguit gripe, but I dont see where Randazza and all that fits into it…(yes i read her timeline some)

  17. She did reach out to you on Twitter, Mike… fyi. I believe she wanted your Skype info.
    I’d read her blogs first if I were you……

  18. @mikestabile

    Your credibility isn’t and was never at issue. OSHA deviating from procedure is the issue. The stonewalling and deflection to unravel this mystery has now progressed to written communications at the Federal Level of OSHA and is looking like it will require legal recourse on my part.

    ‘Complaints’ may be combined to prevent several ‘Activity reports’ and ‘Violations’ arising from any number of complaints and/or activity reports are commonly referenced into one ‘Citation’

    The problem isn’t that multiple ‘complaints’ were combined…the problem is the fourth (and still unexplained) unique ‘activity report’ issued. After initially combining several ‘complaints’ into three separate ‘activity reports’ which resulted in one ‘citation’ for ‘violations’ this fourth unique ‘activity report’ was issued without reference to the previous three. Procedurally this fourth unique identifier in the absence of the other three is a serious no no.

    That’s like saying …kink used eight ‘contracted talent’ in three unique ‘content shoots’ for one ‘feature product’ and that ‘feature product’ was used to create a new ‘content shoot’ …while any number of products can happen from the shoots there is no way possible to create a shoot from the product without using (referencing) the prior three shoots.

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