Scorpion King Disagrees:

Hey Mike
I gotta disagree with you on this a bit. The show floor at VSDA is nothing like years past. When they last had a show floor it was at the RIO and it was
awful. Who wants to be downstairs with tanning booths and store shelves? The suites section works much better upstairs. True, most of the Adult exhibitors are segregated together, but you don’t have to walk all over the place. I’ve found this to be more conducive to conducting business than having to shout over the crowds on the floor. As an example, your pals at Hollywood Video had a suite upstairs during the AVN expo and it was great. Love your site, keep up the good work.

Thanks Man and Thanks for the thoughts, In some ways I have to agree it is good that we are seperated, maybe for our own good even, but I reckon we oughtta have a choice in it. Yer prolly right though!

VSDA to Porn Valley; We Want Your Money But We Don’t Really Want You:

ENCINO, Calif. – The Video Software Dealer Association’s Home Entertainment 2004 will be bigger than last year’s event, with an exhibitor’s floor being added to accommodate clients who sell store accessories.

Home Entertainment, the annual video industry trade show that brings both mainstream and adult content producers together with retail representatives from across the nation will be held at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada for the second straight year.

The exhibitor’s floor, which is being reintroduced after a two year-hiatus, when the concept was retired for the exhibitor’s suites model established in 2002, will host makers of store accessories such as tanning beds and vending machines.

As content producers, adult exhibitors will be found in the exhibitor’s suites section of the show and will not be found on the floor.

This show has been on it’s death bed for quite a while now and it appears they are now going to make a last ditch effort to revive it, hoping that porners will support it as we did in the past. But they don’t want us on their show floor huh…Fuck You Assholes….I know I won’t be there.

As usual they love our money but treat us like some child molesting, half retarded uncle who just so happens to have millions of dollars so they try to stay in the will but keep us out of sight.

The Shell Game:

Gene over at adultfyi picked this one up but obviously didn’t understand what it meant:

“WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.–Jill Kelly Productions Holding, Inc. (formerly IDC Technologies, Inc.) (“JKXJ” or the “Company”) (Pink Sheets:JKXJ) announced that it has completed and closed on its $3,000,000 Convertible Preferred Equity Private Placement. Terms of the financing will be disclosed in the Company’s public filings and financial statements.”

What it means is that JKP is selling a bunch of shares (3M worth) at a deeply discounted price, In most circles thats called stock dilution. Theres no indictation of who the buyer is and they don’t have to disclose that info until Q1 report comes out as late as July.

Heres the Pink Sheet Info:

JKXJ — Jill Kelly Productions Holdings, Inc. (NV)
Com ($0.001)(New)

Current Capital Change:
shs decreased by 1 for 5 split
Record Date:
Pay Date: 2002-03-05

Dividends: None

State of Incorporation: NV

Company Notes:
Last Known Address (10-00): 7402 Mt. Joy Unit B, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, Inc. until 11-01
Formerly=IDC Technologies, Inc. until 8-03

Class Notes:
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 10 split. Pay date=11/26/2001.

I did some digging around JKP is Incorporated in Nevada, I poked around on the Secretary of State website for Nevada:


Type: Corporation File Number: C25808-1998 State: NEVADA Incorporated On: November 04, 1998
Status: Default Corp Type: Regular
Resident Agent: BUSINESS CONCEPTS, INC. (Accepted)
Address: 3914 SEATON PLACE

Address: 630 THIRD AVE
Address: 630 THIRD AVE
Address: 630 THIRD AVE

Hmmm I don’t see Jill Kelly’s name on there, Ii thought SHE was president? Don’t see Freidland on there either but he is the money guy so that’s not unuasual. The default status probably means that JKP hasn’t paid their filing fees or whatever.

If you are sitting there going hmmm something smells here but I can’t tell exactly what…Now you know why people don’t invest in porn companies, it’s a big shell game, even when they go public.

Wicked PR The Worst in Porn?:

For the last 5 or 6 years in a row a Wicked Movie has won the AVN Award for best actress, yet there has not been a single press release from Wicked pointing this out. Hell Adella over at DP sends out a press release when RobbyD passes a urine test ( note there hasn’t been a release about that…One might speculate as to why…..Just fuckin witcha RobbyD!)

Anhow, is it just me or is this odd…I mean hell they seem to have a lock on this category.


Well I was looking for something interesting to write about yesterday but there wasn’t anything, the top story on adultbeat was how best to invest 25 cents, AVN’s top story was five new lube flavors, including Cherry…wow thats original and over at adultfyi they were crowing about Jessica Drake being on KSEX or some such…even JimmyD was boring…wishing Bridgette Kerkove a happy birthday. (I wish her one as well but it just wasn’t a big story, even if she put a candle in her ass for every year)

My political rants are kinda worn out, I did go to a Kid Rock Concert last Saturday night, gotta admit the egotistical fellow KNOWS how to pander to his audience….picture this he played the Gwinnett Arena, an almosr rural amphitheater nestled in the white flight lower middle class area of town.

Iin his first set he takes the stage, a confederate battle flag drops and he sings…get this…Free Bird….The crowd went apeshit. I was near tears in laughter, it was pure genius on his part.

It was a good show thought…Bawitdaba!!!

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Scorpion King Disagrees:

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