Been Wondering What Peter Jackson Will do Next?:

Now that his run with “The Lord of the Rings” is pretty much over….Wonder no more.

Universal will pay “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson $20 million against 20 percent of the gross to helm a remake of “King Kong,” one of the largest deals ever made with a director, Variety reported.

Look for a 2005 release.

Best Idea I have Heard yet! (from

Time to Recall California
By Gil Leroy Essay
August 12, 2003

August has long been known as Silly Season among media watchers. With much of the world on vacation, dumb stuff can get extraordinary play.

Now cometh the State of California, in the midst of the worst sort of fiscal crisis (brought upon itself by the worst sort of neo-socialist legislators, led by a rail-thin warthog of a governor).

Unless you’ve recently awakened from a coma, you know that California is in the midst of producing the best the political sideshow of the current – and possibly last – century: The Recall.

Yeah, it makes for fascinating cable news coverage. After all, there’s much more going on with The Recall than there is in the Scott Peterson and Kobe Bryant cases or, for that matter, the Hunt for Saddam.

But The Recall isn’t helping anyone. It’s likely to hurt the Republican Party in ’04. It’s definitely hurting the Democratic Party right now. The problems which led to The Recall aren’t going away, regardless of whether Gray Davis gets the toenail enema.

California can throw its little political temper tantrum if it wants to, but here’s a better idea for the rest of us: let’s kick California out of the United States.

Sound impossible?

Article 4, Section 3 of the Constitution says: “New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.”

We’re not talking about forming a new state, or parts of states, without the consent of legislatures. We’re talkin’ about dropping California from the team roster, and there’s nothing in the Constitution that says we can’t.

Further, the 10th Amendment states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

In other words, we’ve got the right to send California packing; we can recall California’s 1850 admission to the Union.

It’s not such a horrible idea, really. The world is full of Iraq-sized countries. And it wouldn’t be like setting the crew adrift in a lifeboat with a hogshead of water, a sack of maggot-infested biscuits and 3,000 miles of open sea to cross.

California has – or could have, if it wasn’t so silly – a vibrant economy. Hollywood wouldn’t go anywhere; its denizens are far too self-absorbed to even notice the change. And the new country would rival France for wine exports. Actually, it would probably do better, since so many Americans are still reluctant to quaff an authentic Bordeaux.

Speaking of France: one advantage to cutting California’s painter would be that the French could stop blaming America for the ongoing contamination of their culture. They could instead blame California, which is where most of the ideas that get French knickers in a twist come from anyway.

Similarly, when radical Islamic fundamentalists spew forth on the decadence of America and the way our media poisons the mind of their youth, we could say with a straight face, “Hey. Ain’t us! It’s those idiots in California!”

Putting California in the dumpster could help the U.S. forge new alliances around the world which, of course, has been awfully peeved at us lately for not being willing to forge new alliances.

Now, it’s true that this wouldn’t come without cost. Patrolling a border running from Yuma, Arizona to Brookings, Oregon would be tough. And the border crossing checkpoints at South Lake Tahoe and elsewhere would likely increase the already heinous traffic.

But at least the U.S. would be rid of its biggest political embarrassment since Arkansas. It’s worth writing your congressman about.

And maybe, if we’re lucky, we could send Oregon with ’em.

Penthouse Files Chapter 11:

In a move that Ray Charles could have seen coming, Global Media (Penthouse) has filled for Chapter 11 Financial reorganisation. There will be an August issue, beyond that who knows. Meanwhile Larry Flynt is smirking.

Shannon Writes Sharon Mitchells AIM is OFF!:

I can’t believe that you haven’t commented on Sharon Mitchells answers to your questions. She dodged most of them, she flat out lied on others and she claims to know more about HIV than the CDC. It also looks as though you had wirtten these questions expecting to be able to ask follow ups, bet that didn’t happen. So whats up?

Well as you pointed out her answers were so bad that I pretty much felt no need to respond, everyone who reads my site has the information they need to come to a decision. Yes, Sharon obfuscated and yes I expected to be able to follow up, I wasn’t. Truth is though its no big deal to me for obvious reasons, it doesn’t effect me. You see any idiot knows that the test, no matter who administers it, is only good for about 24 hours, beyond that, it’s a crapshoot. Hell maybe Mitch does know more than the CDC, and maybe Rush Limbaugh will plant a big wet kiss on Al Franken.

Here’s a Democrat for ya:

Did y’all know that if Gray Davis had resigned BEFORE the recall petition was certified (It was obvious that it would be) he could have saved the office of Governor for the Democratic party? Had he stepped down his Lt Governor would have taken the reigns. Like most Democrats (and politicians in general) his ego simply wouldn’t allow it, the result you can damn near bet your boots the Republicans are gonna pick up that office.

JKP Goes Public?:

Apparently it was done this way, would someone with more stock market knowledge than me please explain why they did it this way? It looks for all the world like they are trying to scam someone or something, a tacticthat given Jill Kelly’s past, wouldn’t surprise me (Remember

In a reverse merger, a privately held company, in this case JKP, merges with what is known as a “shell” corporation. A shell corporation is a company with no assets or liabilities that is called a “shell” because all that exists of the company is the structure and shareholders.

In the case of JKP the shell company – IDC Technologies, Inc. – “bought” 100 percent of JKP with 95 percent of all of IDC’s stock. In other words, JKP bought the existing publicly traded company for five percent of their own stock to achieve the status of a public company that a reverse merger offers.

Here’s how it looks from where I sit. It appears that JKP wouldn’t have a chance of going public on it’s own, for whatever reason. So they do an end around on the SEC by setting up a worthless company, making it public and having it purchase JKP with stock. In this manner I suppose the issues of bounced checks to talent and other things the SEC would likely frown on are moot. Am I right?


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Been Wondering What Peter Jackson Will do Next?:

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