Alexa Speaks Out: (Note To Luke Ford and others: You may reprint excerpts of this as long as you link back to me but you may NOT reprint the whole thing)

Ok Lets start at the begining. How did you find your way into porn?

I started out as a house dancer in Atlanta. I danced at the Gold Club! Yes, THAT Gold Club, but I was still pretty prudish at that time, so I was
not involved in all the illegal activity.

Did you have a boyfriend at the time?

Yes, unfortunately, he got me into it. I wish I never would have met him. I would be in law school somewhere.

Was he a big influence in your decision to get into porn?

He was THE influence for me to get into porn. Someone had to support his drug habit, and, since he got me addicted to drugs, someone had to support my new habit, as well

How did you start dancing at The Gold Club? What was it like the first time?
My ex gave me the idea. He said it was a great way to make money, and, since he was 10 years older than me, I listened to him. Damn, I was SO naive!!! The first time I was on stage I was so drunk. I was shaking like crazy. After I was done I threw up in the bathroom of the club.

How did you end up in a scene with Max?

Who is Max? 😉

When was your first boy/girl scene? Who was it with? What was going through your mind at the time?

Ok, this is going to sound stupid, but I don’t remember my first boy/girl scene. I was too wasted to remember. That’s pretty bad, huh?

At what point did drugs/alchohol come into the picture?

Before porn. I got hooked on drugs back in Atlanta when I was 18. Literally, fresh out of high school! I had NEVER touched drugs or ANYTHING until I met my ex. I was an honor student with college dreams!!!!!!!

When did you realize there was a problem ?

When getting high came before eating, sleeping, work, and family.

How did you turn it around?

I slowly weeded out the people around me who were fueling my addiction. Then, I packed all of my things in my truck and drove cross country to Atlanta. I, then, surrounded myself with my old friends and family, and vowed to NEVER touch drugs or alcohol again. And, I haven’t! I am actually a counselor to teen parents at various local teen centers in LA. I talk to them about drug abuse.

I know that I used to think I was having fun when I was getting fucked up, now that I have quit drinking and drugs I find it far more fun to watch the people who are getting fucked up, do you find this to be true also or do you just avoid it altogether?

I do not tell my friends how to live there lives. If they want to drink and get wasted, that’s fine with me. That is what I am there for. I make sure everyone gets home ok! I think it is way more fun now, because I can remember all the cool things I do and the people I meet. Also, its great fun telling my friends the insane things they did the night before.

How did you wind up at Wicked?

I approached them and voiced my interest in a contract. I worked for them quite a bit before I actually signed.

How did you meet Charley Frye?

Who is Charley Frey? 😉

Here is your chance to say what you want to Steve Orenstein, Steve Lane, Serenity, Jenna and others who read this site:

Ok. To Steve O– thank you for everything you have done for me. I appreciate it. I know I seemed unappreciative, but I was not at all. I am sorry I disrespected you and your company. Everyone there believed in me, and I let you, and myself, down. I can’t change the past, I can only attempt to apologize for it, and that is what I am doing.
Steve Lane– I have NEVER had an issue with you. I HAD a bad habit of listening to the other people around me, instead of coming to my own personal conclusions about you, and that was wrong of me.
Serenity– You are a great business woman, and a great role model to girls in the industry. I think we had a few disagreements that were, also, fueled by people around me, but I didn’t want anyone to be mad at me, so I just ran
with the flock, so to speak. I am sorry for any rude comments I may have had to say about you.
Jenna– I do not have a problem with you. All I keep hearing is how your man is going to kick my ass for some reason, and I have NEVER had an issue with you, I just don’t know you

Some people will still have strong feelings against you, what would you say to them?

Honestly, I cannot please everyone. People are going to feel whatever they want to about me, but I can guarantee you that most people who do not like me, do not know me. I may seem like a bitch when I am around people, but that is just because I am REALLY shy. I don’t know how to start conversations. I, also, do not really trust anyone, so I wait to see how people act before I open up to them.

We all do really stupid things when we are young, I know I did, I had drug issues and all too, I also believe that when you turn your life around and do the right thing you deserve credit and another chance so to speak, but I digress, what advice would you give to a girl looking to get into the adult industry right now?

I would tell her to weigh her options carefully. It will alter her life completely. People will look at her differently from then on out. I would tell any girl to not do it. I know I will probably get a lot of shit for saying that, but that is my opinion. Some people are cut out for this industry and some are not.

I usually shoot girls who have never done hardcore before and when I interview them I try to weed out the girls I think may be doing it for the wrong reasons, what should I be looking for to make sure that the girl I am thinking of shooting isnt going to hate herself for it?

Intelligence. If a girl carries herself in a mature manner, and she seems to have a grasp on what porn will do to her life, I am sure she knows what she is getting in to! You may also want to give her a sobriety test 😉

By that last question I didn’t mean to imply that you hate yourself for it but it seems obvious that you weren’t really ready for it when you came into it. I now know that you don’t regret it but have chalked it all up to a learning experience and are happy for the opportunities that it has presented you. Not every girl can walk into a contract in porn, most girls can’t even make it into the B list Category. That being said what advice would you give to a 19 year old girl who doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs, is intelligent and well spoken, loves sex and wants to become a “feature”. She doesn’t have any issues with doing porn, in fact she loves doing it. What advice would you give her to reach her goal of becoming a decently paid feature act?

Pick and choose your talent, and be VERY selective who you work for. Maintain a professional attitude on set, and at trade shows.

Tell me about your childhood. What is your fondest memory of your childhood?
LOL. I was about a year old. I was sitting in a bucket on the back of my dad’s boat. I was too small to swim, so my dad filled a plastic bucket with water from the lake. I was getting wild in that bucket, and it fell off the back of the boat. My dad dove in after me, and, from that point on, I loved the water! It was on Lake Lanier, which I am sure you have been on. My dad keeps his boats at the Lake Lanier Yacht Club.

What is your most vivid memory (good or bad)
Um, my most vivid memory is me getting my first horse. My trainer and I were at a show and I saw this dapple grey Welsh Pony/Thoroughbred mare. She was winning all her classes. My trainer called my dad, and he came to see her. We bought her that day! I won my first Championship on her! Her name was J.P. That stood for “Just Perfect”, or “Just Prissy”, as my dad liked to call her! I was ten when this happened!

What fears have you faced and overcome?

For the longest time, I feared leaving home. It was instilled in my mind from a very early age that I was supposed to stay close to home. I lived in such a microcosm of the world, I never really learned how to interact with everyday issues. I went to a private grade school, which was a feeder school to my high school; also, a private institution. I was a nerd in school, and I did sports. Besides my equestrian team and my school, I had no other friends. I was always busy, so I never had time to venture out in to the real world. I think we all know how I over came that! I have also feared telling the truth about my past. But, all I can say to that is “He who has not sinned, may he cast the first stone”…

You speak highly of your father what is that relationship like now? what about your mother? siblings?

My father and I are very close. I am a daddy’s girl, and I always will be. Although, when I told him I was in porn, he did not talk to me for a year. It was impossible for him to understand how his little girl went from National Honor Society to porn. When we finally talked, it was a three hour discussion. There were a lot of tears, and I did not realize at that time that most of them were from him. I hurt him so much, but we are mending everything now. I am always honest with him and I always will be. My mom and I are also very close. She is very religious, and, on that
subject alone, we have never seen eye to eye. She force fed me religion my whole life, therefore, I am not a big believer in organized religion. Anyways, she has finally accepted the fact that I am going to make my own decisions, and I will deal with whatever the consequences are. I have an older sister. All I can say is that she is in a bad situation
right now, and I am trying to help her our of it.

Tell us your best joke:
Um, I don’t really know any. Beth Ann, my roommate, used to be a stand up comic, so she always keeps me laughing. I am not good on the timing aspect of comedy. I think that is a pretty important thing if you are trying to make people laugh

Ever have sex on Stone Mountain?
I have had sex during a laser show at Stone Mountain. That was insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever have sex at Six Flags over GA in the “Okefenokee Swamp” ride? The Skylift?

I went to Six Flags when I was 9, and I went to the other places with my parents.

Did that last question make you smile?

LOL, yep! You are giving me great ideas for when I move back home!

[These places to “make out” are quite well known to anyone from this area….And to think the people at Six Flags wondered for years why The Okenfenokee Swamp Ride (Similar to the Its a small world ride at Disney) was SO popular with teenagers…

I too love the water…I don’t remember a time in my life that I couldn’t swim and anyone who reads my site knows my love of the ocean. I sometimes wonder if maybe that is not an inner desire to return to it so to speak. Do you like to fish or dive and if so I would like to take this opportunity to offer to take ya sometime. I grew up spending weekends at my grandparents house on Lake Lanier BTW

It’s funny you ask that! I love to fish. My stepmother used to be a tournament fisherwoman, so I would go with her to these things. I loved it! I love the water, so any chance I get to be in it or around it, I take it. I was on a swim team for 5 years, as well. I would love to go fishing with you!!!! That would be very fun.

What are you best at?

My best skill is my equestrian ability. I am not cocky about anything, but I know I am amazing at that! I have six championship titles under my belt, and I have two horses that cost more than most cars. They are my life! You
should come watch me compete some time!

What are you worst at?

I don’t ever really do anything if I know I am going to suck at it, but I would have to say that my least experienced area would have to be playing spades. I just got into it! Some of the people I hang out with are fierce card players. I am still learning.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Nothing. I am proud of where I am now, and without my past I would not be where I am not. But, if I had to change one thing, it would be my self esteem- it’s really low! However, that keeps me pretty humble!

If you could spend a day with any person dead or alive who would you want to spend that day with and why?

I would want to find my biological mother and ask her why she gave me up for adoption. I am actually in search of her right now. It’s a lengthy process, so it will take a while. I want to know about her life, so I can see if I am like her at all.

If you could take a vacation and go either 1000 years into the future or 1000 years into the past which would you choose and why?

1000 years in the past. I am a history freak, so I love learning about various ways of life that existed prior to the ones we live with now.

Describe your ideal companion.
Smart, funny, ambitious,honest,loyal, and willing to accept my past.

What do you find sexy?
I find talent and success sexy. There is nothing attractive about a guy who sits at home all day doing nothing.

How do you like to spend your idle or quiet time?
I read a lot! I am currently reading “Streetcar Named Desire”, by Tennessee Williams. I also write poetry! My horses are in Atlanta now, but if they
were here, I would be with them. I am also a big PlayStation 2 fan.

Tell me about the positive things happening in your life now

I just test shot for MAXIM, FHM, and STUFF. I shot a music video with Nelly and Justin Timberlake at the Playboy mansion. I was just in a little featured story in BLENDER pictured with NELLY. Just shot a music video with Sugar Ray. I have an amazing publicist that is willing to take a chance with me. She is going to do wonders for me! I am the lead in an independent film shooting in June called “The Connection”. I am publishing a book of my poetry, and I have a group of amazing photographers helping my illustrate it. Most of all, I am saving my money so I can move back to Atlanta and go to college.

What do you want to do in the coming years?

Be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think mainstream people will ever fully embrace someone who has done porn? Face it even Traci Lords is more of a novelty act whose porn past is the only reason she got any mainstream exposure at all.

I am going in to mainstream with NO expectations. Like I said, I have been over this with my publicist, and she has an amazing strategy. It basically comes down to talent and ambition. She seems to think I have a lot of both. I am not sure what will happen, but, so far, no one has had a problem with it, and I tell EVERYONE right off the bat. After these people get to know me, they don’t care about my past.

OK now I wanna turn the tables just a bit…Im gonna give you the opp to ask me anything you want…I will be honest I swear….plus I have one last question after ya do.

Ok, here is my question to you;

Since I have answered all of your questions, what is your opinion of me now?

Ya know out of all the questions you could have asked I would have to say that one was the least expected, and it shouldn’t have been as you will see.

My opinion of you now is that you are all grown up. I believe that it took some degree of courage for you to even talk to me and I respect you for doing it more than you probably know.

If you were in my presence I would hug ya.

The fact that I would invite you to come fishing with us means that my opinion of you has changed a lot. It also means that I see you as someone I’d like to know better. We have mutual friends who told me that you are a very sweet and charming person and that whatever baggage you once may have carried is long gone.

That being said this is my last question for you.

A week ago the mention of my name caused you to cry, Why? and What do you think of me now?

ok its 2 questions…so shoot me….

I have really bad self esteem issues. That comes from years of physical and verbal abuse from ex boyfriends and my stepmother. When someone bashes me as much as you did in the beginning, it has an affect on me. I know that I am a good person with a good heart, people just get the wrong impression of me. I don’t have qualms with anyone in the industry. However, I am going to be real with you- I am not in this industry to make friends. I let very few people into my life. Reason being that I do not really trust anyone. I have to get to know people before I open up at all.

My opinion of you is definitely more positive than it was before. I want to meet you and get to know more about you. I used to think you were heartless and vindictive, but I know now that all it was just a matter of time before we became friends!

8630cookie-checkAlexa Speaks Out: (Note To Luke Ford and others: You may reprint excerpts of this as long as you link back to me but you may NOT reprint the whole thing)

Alexa Speaks Out: (Note To Luke Ford and others: You may reprint excerpts of this as long as you link back to me but you may NOT reprint the whole thing)

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