The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth.

The most striking thing about InterneXt, at least to me, is the compleate lack of presence of mainstream porners. NO Wicked, No Vivid, No Private, No Video Team. Wanna know who has the biggest porn presence? Homegrown Video thats who, Homegrown is one of very few mainstream porn companies to figure out the Internet.

Are the big video companies stuck in a tarpit, destined to become the fossil fuel of some future technological society? It appears so AEBN is showing off a DIVX product that looks amazing, high speed streaming for DSL and Cable users that delivers FULL SCREEN video with Better quality than you see on your TV set, and they can stream it real time…technically it would be a cakewalk to rent it and copy to VHS or burn it to DVD with far better quality than you see in releases from companies like Extreme, who is notorius for the lowest quality DVDs on the market, stuff thats far inferior to VHS even.

Can Wicked, Vivid and VCA keep up? Will GVA and IVD and other big distributors be able to adapt to this new market and new delivery method?

They won’t if they don’t understand the Internet and if they aren’t here, they don’t understand the Internet.

AVN is certainly getting the picture, they essentiually now own the Internet Show and AVN Online is rapidly becoming THE indistry trade rag. Kudos to AVN for doing a good job putting on this show.

Walking the show floor here is a very interesting Contrast to the video shows. Here the industries wealthiest and biggest players are on the show floor and at the parties, they will readily share information and success strategies, but if you don’t recognize the names Like Mike Kobrins or Doug Moor you can’t distinguish them from the rest of the attendees, they dress like…well like geeks…but these are very wealthy and very talented guys, and even so they aren’t pretentious, they willl talk with anyone, they are personable and likeable people.
Think about it, when was the last time you guys saw Steve Hirsch walking around a show talking to and listeniing to porn retailers, asking them what he can deliver to help them make money…It doesn’t happen.

More later.

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The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth.

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