It’s Showtime

Internext has kicked off here in the land of lost paychecks. The vibe from this show gets weirder every year. It’s bigger but it’s way more corporate. More companies vying for the same dollars means that nobody is making the bucks they once did. Gone are the days of an open bar on the show floor and pricey promo items, now its pens, stickers and whatnot. The still have the parties but they aren’t as extravagant.

No real news., nothing of note happened. Some gossip from the show floor though. Seems that Vivid is having a “party” for their customers Wednesday night just before adult expo starts. Vivid is rumored to be heavily recruiting B and C list girls to “work” this party, pay is said to be in the 1K range and the “recruiters” have been making it crystal clear that “favors” are expected.

No word yet on exactly which Vivid Girls will be working the party in the same capacity.

Some Photos:

This is my girl Nikia, I love this shot….you will be seeing more of her here in the coming days…so far so good guys!

Say What you want about Bill Margold but he would NEVER have lets this booth be completely empty all day. I guess nobody was up for “Fighting for our Freedom” today.

Yes you read that right, At Sheri’s Ranch in Pahrump Nevada, they are giving away 50 FREE Blowjobs tomorrow night. Running shuttles from Las Vegas, they are providing free booze and transportation round trip (about 100 miles) Don’t even ask you KNOW I scored an invite!!!! And they said sure, bring a camera. If Nikia and I go you will see the results here!

Ok Hopefully tomorrow will bring something a bit more interesting.


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It’s Showtime

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