InterneXt Starts Tonight:

So wheres the Hurricane?

I took this picture this morning, doesn’t look like theres gonna be rain and wind and hurricane weather here in Hollywood Beach. Internext starts tonight and it’s all over the TV stations and what not. Seems the entire Westin Diplomat is closed to the public this weekend, so that the Jerry Springer swilling Howard Stern crowd won’t be offended by something as disgusting as sex….go figure…

Most of the merchants in the area I have spoken with welcome us, they know we are bringing big bucks into the economy. All the TV stations are dragging out the same old granny looking city council person who denounces us, I guess she is the only one. The Mayor is handling the questions delicately but seems squarely in favor of us.

I will try to get some pics this afternoon of the show setup and all.

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InterneXt Starts Tonight:

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