Contrary to the chicken little site:

The weather here in Hollywood Beach is nice, a few thunderstorms but mostly sunny and nice on the beach. Tropical Storm Cristobal is nowhere near here nor is it expected to be.

Nothing new on The Messiah but it is being watched, it had all the markings of a wrestling stunt with the exception of the involvement of real law enforcement.

Back in Atlanta, Jasen Chadwick Ford has been released on 45,000 dollars bond, posted by his parents. Jasen is the only person with felony charges resulting from the arrestes at club Zinc here in Atlanta a week and a half ago.Jasen is charged with Felony Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and about 9 other lesser charges.

The ultra liberal free newspaper Creative Loafing did a disgustingly biased profile on Ford painting him as a victim, they declined to acknowledge that the real victims were the people Ford got arrested and the 16 year old girl he brought to the party with him. Fords defense “I didn’t know she was 16”

In the words of Richard Pryor, a great comedian “You’ll remember next time”

I know I left a word off of that but it isn’t needed to get the point across.

Internext will start Friday (Tomorrow night for some of us) and I will have daily photos here for ya. If you are gonna be here come on up and say hello!

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Contrary to the chicken little site:

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