xHamster Reveals Plans to go Verified Only for Uploaders

In wake of PornHub changing its policy to only allow verified uploaders, last night in a Clubhouse chat, two xHamster employees revealed they too will be changing their policy to allow only verified uploaders.

I went through their website today and it doesn’t seem they’ve made the change yet, but it does sound like they are gearing up to make it a reality.

PornHub in the meantime has already implemented their new policy of only allowing verified uploaders.

For those that don’t know what ClubHouse is, well, it’s a new social media platform that is voice only. You can join “rooms” and chat about the subject matter of the listed room. Clubhouse is currently operating in beta and only allows users to join via invite and it only works on the IOS operating system. I’m told an Android version is in the works.

There is no text. It’s all 100% audio. So instead of tweeting “I love you”, in Clubhouse you actually say it. For now Clubhouse is invite-only, with each new user getting two invites to use as they please, accruing more over time as they use the app. So you have to know someone already on the app to get in.

Here’s one of the chats I like. It’s a weekly get together of industry professionals to talk about different subjects. Last week was about startups in the adult industry.



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xHamster Reveals Plans to go Verified Only for Uploaders

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  1. I was expecting this to happen to the tube sites, always amazed how much material there was on the sites that was clearly without consent, like voyeur upskirt etc.

  2. Doubt that XHamster has the infrastructure for these new technologies to implement…
    They are not owned by a mega corporation such as MindGeek.

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