Will Ryder on Local LA News regarding sinkhole on Sunset Boulevard

Had to laugh when I flipped on the TV to see none other than Will Ryder’s mug talking about a water break on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. He posted about it on his Facebook and here is what he had to say about it.

BIG NEWS!!! Massive water main bursts, sinkhole develops and nearly swallows up car on Sunset Boulevard. Well, that would be an exciting headline but truth is only my tires got wet. I was driving home tonight when I spotted 5 hovering helicopters and a bunch of fire trucks a few blocks from where I live and realized part of Sunset Boulevard here in Los Angeles looked like a raging river complete with white water rapids so I attempted to stop at CVS but the parking lot was flooded and impassible so I got out of my car and did 3 TV news interviews as if they thought I was some type of ‘expert witness’.

For those of you who don’t know, Will Ryder (aka Jeff Mullen) is an award-winning director for the adult industry best known for his parody movies like Grease XXX.

Let’s hope that the next time he’s in the news it won’t be for his set getting raided at Trinity’s house. lol

319500cookie-checkWill Ryder on Local LA News regarding sinkhole on Sunset Boulevard

Will Ryder on Local LA News regarding sinkhole on Sunset Boulevard

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  1. I hope he doesn’t get caught at Ms. St. Whore’s house of horrors and whores, too. I think Will Ryder is smarter than that and it is known that he reads this news site (he has even commented here a couple of times) so I don’t expect him to even shoot there. One of the reporters here alluded to the Ms. St. Whore house bust happening to Jim Powers but she was only 90% sure (IIRC). If Will or any other producer is smart he/she won’t film any scenes in Los Angeles County due to the condum requirement to film there. Go film in Santa Barbara, Ventura or Orange Counties, pick a rural area and you probably don’t even need a permit (run that by your attorney, though). There is one porn producer that based his company in San Diego, we aren’t hearing of him getting busted so it might be safer there as well. LA County and Weinfuck wanted porn run out, let them have their way and film elsewhere. The Ventura County line is only about 25-30 miles from Chatsworth with the Orange County line about 60 miles or so, with this in mind there is no excuse whatsoever for filming in LA County.

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