What kind of “Union” does this?

I was sent a text message this morning warning me about a member of the APAG, the group that claims to be a “union” for the adult industry – APAG. A union which claims it’s their mission and sworn duty to protect those in the adult industry, an industry of which I have been a part of since 1996, that’s 22 years as of this August.

I wasn’t sure why I would need to be warned about someone from the union so I was sent an MP3. I, however, didn’t get to what they were saying about me because I was so caught up in what they were saying about someone else.

At around the 38 min mark they laugh at and make fun of a girl who was assaulted on set by a male talent named Lucus Frost.

India Morel actually laughed at her for what happened.

Dang, is this really what the union is about? This is the kind of protection they want to offer the adult industry?

In their own words — “We are organizing to give performers a voice and support from their industry peers, and to create a better performer, and a stronger industry.

Right away I contacted the president of the “union” and asked her why she was allowing a member of her union to behave this way?

I’m not suggesting every member of the adult industry has to like each other or even get along, but there are limits, especially when it comes to those who so loudly proclaim their association with the union. Would you agree?

In essence, India was saying it was okay that Lucus Frost assault this girl and then went on Twitter to laugh about it and brag that he did it, but she (India) doesn’t like the girl. Sorry but that’s just flat out fucked up. It’s never funny when someone goes against a performers prescribed limits and does it anyway – then goes on twitter and brags about it.

What is the point of setting limits prior to the scene if they are ignored?

I felt like if Alana Evens, the president of the union didn’t remove her from the guild, and state why, I would be forced to tell the story myself on just how the union really is.

A union should be about protecting those in the industry, not spend your days attacking them. Revealing real names, offering to sell photos to the highest bidder, etc. But more on that later.

Alana Evans does not agree. She calls what I said extortion. So now it’s extortion to reveal what members of the union actually said?

Okay then. And that’s when I decided to tell the truth.

Whenever a performer does a scene, she is asked what her limits are. If those limits are ignored, that’s a gross violation of her rights.

So to have a member of the union openly laugh about this and praise the male performer who did this is just flat out fucked up.

Shame on India for this and shame on the union for allowing it.

This doesn’t sound like this union is looking to protect performers. This sounds like they only want to help those they like, screw everyone else.

What kind of “union” does that?

So just remember this, before you think about joining the union – or someone who claims to be a union for the adult industry, because this is the kind of people they really are.


250540cookie-checkWhat kind of “Union” does this?

What kind of “Union” does this?

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15 Responses

  1. I get the gist of your argument and agree what he did was inappropriate, but really, Kelli, isn’t this just a roundabout continuation of your strike against Adria Rae?

  2. A strike against someone who is not mentioned in this story nor even associated with it? Fascinating leap of logic.

  3. She’s not mentioned but her SO is. Considering recent events, your timing of this story is coincidentally quit interesting.

  4. In the future, I’ll be sure and check with you for permission before making a post or speaking out about the union or anyone else doing something inappropriate so I can make sure it won’t offend your sensibilities.

  5. Alana Evans is a sad excuse for a human and shouldn’t be running anything. Look at all the mainstream shows she’s been on about Stormy Daniels. All lies. Plus couldn’t they be more original with their union name and not copy APAC and change it by one letter.

  6. APAG seems to be another place for has-been (or in the case of Ms. Morel never been) former porn performers looking to extend their 15 years of fame? Ms. Evans hasn’t been a major player in adult in years, I had never even heard of Ms. Morel. Take a look at this page (https://bit.ly/2IDi01t) for a current list of “officers”, it is filled with people that haven’t been relevant within the industry in years or never were relevant at all. I hope Ms. Morel’s behavior is not representative of the rest of APAG management but I wonder.

  7. I’m not trying to start trouble here I’m just asking for clarification. The group that wants you 2 respect that Leigh Raven said don’t do things and then blame the male talent 4 not respecting her wishes is now saying it’s okay 2 ignore the limits that bella rose set?

    How does this work exactly? How we decide which performers can have their limits respected and who to ignore? Is there a list or something somewhere?

  8. Extortion- noun
    The practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

    There is nothing extortionate in Kelli’s demand. Alana Evans is a moron of the first order.

  9. Who are these two talent being talked about ? One I looked up on freeones.com and this woman India is a porn star ? dam really
    Lets all talk about something else and hope Stormy doesn’t end up on the back of a milk box .
    Trump is a vengeful beast who buries everyone in his way

  10. Kelli breath a little soon the next batch of porn girls will be entering and all these names will become a relic. The next batch wont even give two shits about a union of any kind.
    They follow the money trail like its ginger bread placed on a yellow brick road

  11. Next Batch of new Porn Performers due about now, Every three to four months. Better news, nobody will care about any of all this drama next week

  12. Once the new pretty fresh faced porn girls start piling on the tattoos their career disappears and no one really talks much about them any more. Just ask Kylie Page and Lana Rhoades.

    A year ago they were the top of the food chain in porn. By this time next year folks won’t even remember them as new clean looking pretty girls will take their place.

  13. K for those having a hard time keeping up like me here is what I figured out. so Bella Rose sets her limits on a set. Her co-star ignores her set limits and does what he wants anyway and then the union cheers. I listened to India’s podcast where she laughed about it and even said the dude should be given a trophy for what he did. Now u caught up.

  14. APAG needs to disband if they can’t do their job correctly and can’t stop judging others. Choosing people currently in the industry like APAC does would be a good start.

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