What is an adult talent agent and do you even need one?

There are a lot of misconceptions about agents and I thought today we would go over some of them.  With so many available platforms do you even need an agent? The answer isn’t as simple as you might think.

Nikki Benz is a great example of what I’m talking about. She has been in the adult industry for many years and is a well-established performer with a great brand. Nikki also knows many of the producers if not all of them and they know if they want to work with her all they have to do is email her because they have worked with her before so they’ll have her contact information.

Nikki Benz, Derek Hay from LA Direct and Kayla Kayden

Because Nikki has a good reputation once she has worked on proving for many years, they know that if they hire Nikki she will show up on time, be sober, and do what is expected of her.

So these are all reasons why the Nikki Benz’s of the world don’t really need an agent. A publicist to market her brand and an assistant to deal with her crap work or emails sure, but an agent? Not really.

Sadly we are not all Nikki’s.

We haven’t all been in the adult industry for years we don’t all have a huge Rolodex which includes the names email addresses and phone numbers of every adult producer and even if we all have that sometimes even that alone is not enough.

Like I said before, Nikki Benz has proven herself over the years and that is a huge issue with some producers. Imagine hiring a girl and having her show up four hours late and having her not look anything like her pictures — those are all very big deals to producers and the reason why some are scared to hire talent they don’t know and don’t have experience with.

Making a mistake in hiring the wrong talent could cost them thousands of dollars in production fees or more specifically in lost production fees. That’s something every single director/producer tries very hard to avoid. I mean who wants to piss away $1,000 if they don’t have to right?

This is where an agent comes in. An agent can not only help you get in contact with producers, actually, they do it for you — but an agent can also use his or her reputation with the producer to get them to book you.

If the producer knows that an agent is always honest then he will trust that agent if the agent says you are someone they need to work with.

Or if the agent says hey this girl looks exactly like her photos then a producer knows the agent is telling the truth because they have an established relationship.

A good agent also makes sure their talent is stable and shows up on set. A lot of girls flake on shoots. One girl, in particular, missed like 15 scenes in one year. She was hot though so producers still insisted on booking her. Since she had an agent, he would warn the producer about her problem with showing up.

This crazy bitch would come up with every excuse. A fake pregnancy or two, a dead grandma or two or three. She once even faked a suicide. In truth she was so fucking high she thought she was going to die. More than three people were there and witnessed this incident. When she got called out for being a lying whore that she is, she still kept with her lie about how she tried to kill herself because she was all upset. #BUILLSHIT. But the point is, she’s a flaky bitch that in the past has cost producers a crazy amount of money for now showing up.

An agent acts as an intermediary between the talent and producer. In this case they came up with a written agreement in which she signed and said something like, if I flake on the job and cancel the scene up to 72 hours in advance I will pay the producer a $100 (or something small like that) cancellation fee plus repay the producer any money he or she put out in advance such as hotel cancellation fees or the cost of airline tickets (if any such fees existed).

If she flaked 48 hours in advance then the fee was doubled, like $200. If she pulled her shit 24 hours or less she would have to pay $300 (again plus any other money the producer fronted like the cost of an airline ticket).

For each and every booking the girl took she had to sign this agreement. We call them kill fees, but in mainstream they are called production damages and in porn $300 may sound like a big fee for cancelling a job but in Hollywood, those kill fees can be a few thousand or even in the millions. I kid you not.

It’s just one of the ways an agent keeps things running smoothly. An agent is like an insurance policy. For a small booking fee, a good agent can ensure everything goes smoothly when it comes to talent.

An agent also looks out for the talent when it comes to shady producers and let’s be real, in our world, there are a ton of them! Oh come on, you all know the kind of douchy douche bags I’m talking about. ^^

One day the very lovely Emma Hix (@emmahixofficial) was booked on a Jimmy Lifestyles shoot for a boy-girl scene. She showed up and surprise, surprise – the shoot wasn’t a boy/girl but it was actually a boy-girl-girl with some promotional acting prior to the scene beginning. The producer tried to get away with pulling a fast one. He isn’t alone, this kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME! It’s one of the most common shady acts of an adult producer.

A girl with an agent will find this happens to her far less often simply because producers know a good agent won’t stand for this kind of thing.

Emma Hix’s agent (Foxxx Modeling) is just as responsible for that booking as the producer and the as the talent should’ve never been in a position to renegotiate her fee based on the fact that the booking was not what it was supposed to be. That’s an agent’s job to handle the booking and the fees. Her agent failed her in this one and I strongly believe as a result she shouldn’t have had to pay her agent his fees for this shoot. He didn’t do his job so why should she have paid him?

But he didn’t just fail her because of the issue with the bait and switch scene type, but also because when shit hit the fan and Jimmy Lifestyles sexually assaulted her on the set, the agent didn’t come through. Where the hell was Foxxx modeling during all this scandal? Nobody heard a single word from them.

So when I’m referring to an agent, please know I mean a REAL agent, one that has your back. One that will support you and not throw you under the bus when there is a problem with a producer.

But enough about Foxxx Modeling. Honestly, that wasn’t the point of this article. I just get easily distracted by dumb asses. 😛

More reputable agents have a list of glowing producers and don’t book them on those sets in the first place. The reason is because they want to avoid their talent being put through what Emma had to go through in the first place.

Some people may say a job as a job and the girl should take the job for the money even if they don’t like the producer. But I disagree and so do many others. Some girls won’t work for low-end producers like Jimmy Lifestyles for any amount of money. #PornDeservesProfessionalism

Anywho the point is, a shady producer will always be a shady producer nothing is ever going to change that and this is where a good time agent can benefit you.

Another benefit of having a talent agent is when it comes to getting paid. We all want our money, right? A  producer is far more likely to screw over someone who doesn’t have an agent because that agent may prevent some of his other girls from working with the producer as a result.

Another reason is, a producer knows that unlike your typical performer, a good agent has money and they don’t mind spending it on a lawyer to sue your ass if you don’t pay up. A lot of companies know porn stars (and affiliates) are always broke so they can afford to fuck you over knowing you can’t afford a lawyer to sue them.

Chris Strokes was recruiting girls to shoot in Mexico for Legal Porno. MANY didn’t get paid and they didn’t have the money to hire a lawyer to sue Chris Strokes, Legal Porno or the production company down in Mexico. Then Chris Strokes fucked up. He conned a girl with an agent, and that girl went to her agent, confessed she booked the scene behind his back and you know what? Even though she fucked up, he still had the girls back. Used his money to hire a lawyer and got that girl and two others paid. Sadly to date none of the others (those without an agent) ever got their money and to this day all of those scenes are available on the Legal Porno site.

See what I mean? You can’t trust anybody!

Luckily the few girls who had an agent got their money eventually.

So again, all arguments why one would want an agent.

But now let’s look at the other side of things. Not everyone needs an agent. Someone like Aaliyah Hadid is killing it with her OnlyFans. She’s making crazy good money on her own so why does she even need an agent? She doesn’t. She’s well known, has a good following of fans from the time she shot traditional porn on a traditional set. But now is doing her own thing and making crazy good money doing it.

Why should she pay some agent to book her a scene when she can make just as much money shooting her own content? (If not way more)

She shouldn’t. I’m really proud of her marketing prowess. She’s doing great and she’s not the only one.

In the end, you have to decide if getting an agent is right for you. All I can say is look for a good one, not some loser like the guy over at Foxxx Modeling who puts your life at risk by booking you on low-end shoots or won’t have your back when you are fucked over by said low-end producer.

Also make sure your talent agent is also not a talent themselves. You don’t want a conflict of interest. There is one “agent” out there booking his girls in shoots with himself and insisting they do their first anal with him. No they don’t actually even get paid for their first anal, instead, he gives them a small housing credit.

A real agent will not only make sure you get paid for your first anal but also make sure you get a bonus! Several companies will pay you a nice bonus for first time shoots including your first boy/girl, your first IR, your first anal and so on.

A real agent (Yes Riley of Hussie Models I’m looking at you) cares about their talent, not themselves. A REAL agent, not a shady fuckbag, puts his attention on getting you bookings, not trying to trick girls into shooting their firsts with him for little to no money.


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What is an adult talent agent and do you even need one?

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11 Responses

  1. It should be clarified that Riley Reynolds is a homosexual (at least for pay) scumbag. I add the “homosexual” part to warn anyone he asks to work for him so they know that he “plays on both teams”. He had a site called Hussie Auditions that he was essentially using as a casting couch. The motherfucker even had a girl fucking a guy while he was fucking the other guy (yes, the guy with his peter in the girl’s holes) up the ass! There is a picture of this one on this site somewhere. Yes, Riley had primo 18-19 year old pussy in the room willing to fuck him and he shoves his dick up the other male talent’s asshole!!!!! I doubt he left that one up on the Hussie Auditions site (I won’t be checking further but a quick check shows he has changed the name and site to Hussie Pass and has evidently started hiring skanks like Joanna Angel to fill in when he can’t find nubile young girls to use as eye candy while he fucks other men on camera) after one of the reporters here filed his report with a screen grab and the editorial staff published it as the scene was a red flag that Riley not only fucked his clients (I guess he thought using his agency as a casting couch was acceptable) but also that he is gay/bi as a $3 bill. Thankfully the casting couch scenarios are now pretty much eradicated from the industry (and were well before Riley brought them back in a scummy, slimy encore), I hope we never see them again!

    As for whether Riley is a pitcher, catcher or both on his homosexual mope team, we know he pitches for sure, I am not about to hunt down his Hussie Pass scenes to see if he catches for that team as well, frankly, I don’t want to puke!

  2. Also worth noting when vetting agents anyone not licensed in their state should be immediately screened out. Almost as a rule of thumb performers do shitty research – if any – when it comes to agents.

    And Matthew Harris you’re absolutely embarrassing and have serious issues.

  3. Do I need to post a link to the picture of Riley fucking a guy up the ass, Mr. BevMo the TV Guy (Hop Sing)????? BevMo, next time you shoot one of your condescending comments at me I will post your porn name (I will honor the site’s rules and not post your legal name, frankly I don’t even give a fuck what your legal name is), I know exactly who you are and what you do. There is actually a screen grab on this site of Riley Reynolds fucking a guy up the ass while he was fucking the girl. Other than that nothing I posted was even debateable. Grow the fuck up, stick to downing tequila and vodka by the half gallon, BevMo and either converse with people here in a reasonable manner or forget this site address, cocksucker!

  4. How the fuck does a pimp stabalise a ho? With a foot in the ass? Gtfo. It’s a pimp’s job to make sure the bitch shows up sober? If that were case agents wouldn’t let their hos fuck with James Bartholet (snowman)

  5. Agents are important and it is important to choose the right one. Kelly brings up some valid points about how directors and producers can’t be sure if a girl will show up on set if she doesn’t have representation. This self booking thing is just a phase and hasn’t boded well for girls without agents.

  6. Unfortunately even with representation a producer doesn’t know if a new girl will show up clean, sober, with the right wardrobe, with the right attitude and have more brains than an amoeba. There might be a better chance with a more established chick as the agents won’t likely keep someone that can’t do their fucking job but for the amateur sites and other directors hiring new talent the reliability of him/her is an unknown and that is the chance they take hiring them.

    As for James Bartholet, he seems like a nice enough person but whether talent parties with him is up to her. We are talking about adults here, people have to decide for themselves about partying, representation and the like. The guy is “unconventional”, likes new “tit hats” and likes to party but I think there are worse people than him in the industry. I don’t know if the rumors of him partying with talent using “Peruvian Nose Powder” are true or not. I do see that Dakota Skye is using his PR services, I hope that doesn’t precipitate her ruining her sobriety and recovery from her drug addiction (it is her fault if she relapses and not Bartholet’s but he does like to drink and party so she will be around at least alcohol running around with him).

  7. That’s cool and all but I notice many girls tweeting that they’re available for work and to contact their agent. Isn’t the agent supposed to be working 24/7 to book her shoots and keep her busy so she doesn’t have to tweet her availability? and when a clips4sale guy emails, the agent tells them to kick rocks. I know of some models who barely get any bookings, maybe 2 or so a month. The agents need to go out and find new producers, jules, mike, stagliano, quasar, bangbros can’t hire everybody, keep your girls off eros & trinity’s site. Is doing a spanking, foot fetish or other non sex video so below you that you rather escort that take the booking? I wish agents would put their foot down on this content trade crap, the girls put more energy & promotion into their shitty onlyfans then show up to paid shoots with sore pussy and lack of enthusiasm. About riley, why is he banging his own models on his site, isn’t that illegal? and why is he bringing crossovers in the industry? no straight gym buffs available?

  8. I don’t know if Riley banging his clients on camera is illegal as long as consent is given but I know he doesn’t have any class whatsoever and shouldn’t be fucking any female talent. Any guy that hogties girls, locks them in cages then takes off for four hours looking for marijuana — leaving the girl hogtied and locked in his dog’s cage helplessly and alone the whole time he is gone (I don’t know if the dog was locked in the cage with her) doesn’t need to be in porn! I am sure the girl involved didn’t consent to being left like that. What else has Riley Reynolds done that we don’t know about?

    As for prostitution, I think it should be legal nationwide but agree that talent should not be doing business with Ms. St. Whore (Clair). As for Eros, I don’t see any problems except the possibility of getting VD from untested johns and getting arrested by horny cops. I guess theoretically kidnapping and rape are possible but I can’t say I have heard of that happening off of an Eros booking. Also, I think these girls are taking Eros bookings over foot fetish scenes because the former pays three times as much per hour for less work and many times includes dinner and a show.

  9. What are you babbling about now, Matthew? Riley never did anything to you. Girls keep willingly joining his agency and willingly (it appears) agree to fuck him so what’s your issue?

  10. BevMo, Riley didn’t fuck me over but I hate scumbags and Riley is a world class scumbag. What he did to Charlotte Cross was despicable (the dog cage thing), his management methods are deplorable and he has run out many women that could have had successful careers with his treatment of them. Riley is a cancer on the industry and needs to be run out, pronto!

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