The Nordic Model Makes No Sense

If you follow Gustavo Turner (@gustavoturnerx) from XBIZ on Twitter you might have noticed an interesting tweet he made. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll share it with you here.

Proponents of the “Nordic Model” say they want to help sex workers. Imagine if they did the same claiming to “help musicians” (a thread): – So, you can still be a musician. But we want to arrest anyone who may try to buy a ticket to your show or buy your album…

– Say what? – Yes. We want them to be terrified to support you or your music. Also, we wanna arrest anyone who might drive you to a gig, or help you with your music. – How is that helping musi… – It is. We mean well.

– Oh and any of the people trying to buy your music will be charged an enormous fine, will be shamed in front of their community, AND (get this) will be made to attend “Music Fan School” where people who hate music will try to reprogram them. – What?

– Yes. We are not again music per se. We just think people shouldn’t pay musicians for it. The music their monogamous partner plays at home with them in the parlor piano should be enough. It’s also blessed and special. – You guys are weird and you are NOT trying to help us (

– How dare you? Who’s making you play that music? You can’t possibly be selling music of your own volition. Musicians who exchange their God-given gift for money are clearly not in possession of free will OR are able to consent. – You are nuts. – And you’re TRAFFICKED!



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The Nordic Model Makes No Sense

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