Spiegler Books Whitney Wright on a Just Dave Set

Porn agent Mark Spiegler (the consummate professional) books Whitney Wright on a Just Dave shoot. We just hope she got out of there okay.

Spiegler Books Whitney Wright on a Just Dave Set

And here we thought he only booked his girls on “the best shoots”. Guess we’ve now debunked that rumor as well.



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Spiegler Books Whitney Wright on a Just Dave Set

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6 Responses

  1. I guess Just Dave got some free publicity here. For the record I don’t see anything wrong with performers voluntarily performing on his sets as long as they freely consent, are of sound mind and are of age. Just Dave’s scenes aren’t any worse than the old JM Productions Gag Factor scenes IMO. This actually looks like an interesting scene (other than the full force face fucking that is evidently common in Just Dave’s scenes). You can argue that Mark Spiegler has reduced his standards for this scene but we don’t even know if he booked it. Spiegs has said that he does not restrict his talent from booking independently and doesn’t have them sign a contract (unlike some other agents we all know of). The “poker party” rape accusations are horrifying if they are actually true (I hope they aren’t) and if true the rapists and accomplices need to be prosecuted but I have to disagree with the gist of this article, Whitney did the scene and Spiegs may have booked it but I don’t see a big problem with Whitney performing in this scene. I don’t have any problem with porn scenes that include a moderate element of BDSM or face fucking as long as the submissive is over 18, of sound mind and willingly submits to the scene. Face fucking to the point of vomiting or choking isn’t my cup of tea but it isn’t my place to try to force my “morality” on others with this one. I also believe the reporters on this site and Just Dave that the Leigh “Skank” Raven accusations are false and should not be held against him.

  2. Let’s hope she didn’t accidentally step on some of the crack needles I hear are all over the place. Heard that place is a shithole.

  3. man i get that just dave wasn’t guilty with the leigh raven deal but fuck that doesn’t mean he’s a good guy. he’s been a blight on the industry’s ass for years. i always wondered why nobody called him out before now?

  4. I am not claiming that Just Dave is the best guy in the industry. From what I have read and heard he is far from it. However, from the nanny cam footage at least that day his sets seemed to be fine. I am not a fan of Gag Factor type stuff (which seems to be Just Dave’s specialty) unless some piece of shit like Trinity St. “Whore” Clair, Leigh “Skank” Raven, Nikki “Even Skankier” Hearts, Khan “Choke Them Until They Are Near Dead” Tusion or War “Cocksucker” Machine is on the receiving end but that doesn’t mean others can’t be (hell, I am a BDSM person and have been on both the giving and receiving end of some crazy shit). If he has hypodermic needles (unless used by someone with a injectable prescription medication) and crack pipes on his sets that could be a big problem. Hell, people were doing drugs and getting blotto drunk on JM sets of yesteryear as well. Mike Quasar even had a very drunk Terri Starr show up on his set thinking she could work in the late 90’s. That doesn’t make it a good idea for a director to allow it but I am not naive enough to think the problem has been magically solved. Also, no evidence has been presented to back up Fisher’s claim of “crack needles” (I think he meant crack pipes or hypodermic needles) on Just Dave’s sets. That is one hell of an assertion to make, I hope he has pictures to back that one up!

    As for shitholes, if you want to see some real shitholes buy the “Most Outrageous Outtakes” DVDs from JM. Jim Powers used to find some real shitholes to film in. I get that those were more freewheeling days and if owner Mike Norton asked me to direct for a newly resurrected JM Productions, let me run it my way (unlike 2000’s Jim Powers I don’t intend to get his pants sued off of him) and offered me a good salary and appropriate benefits I would seriously consider it (I might even direct some modified Gag Factor movies). That doesn’t mean I agree with how it was run in the past in some respects or that I think Mike and Jim (who is a nice guy but really fucked up and had uncalled for problems on sets) were deserving of sainthood — I don’t. However, not every bad porn set is Khan Tusion’s or some of the old Anabolic’s bad sets and I don’t think Just Dave’s sets are nearly as bad as Khan’s or Anabolic’s.

  5. Matt Harris: “I am a BDSM person.”

    Wasn’t that like 20 years and 200 pounds ago, Matt? I’m not sure it really counts anymore.

  6. Hop, it limits what I can say without being a hypocrite. I know we are all hypocrites from time to time but I do try not to be. Also, I have lost some weight lately but I haven’t been 200 pounds since what would today be junior high school — in 1958. BTW, how many cocks have you sucked and swallowed cum out of lately, Hop? Maybe there is a performing role in a 200 HIV positive loads shoved up your ass with a turkey baster movie along with some fresh cum spurted in your gaping asshole straight from an HIV positive dick for you at Treasure Island Media. Almost no one is more deserving than you, Hop “Cocksucker” Sing! Now go take Marc Wallice’s AIDS infested dick and its cum load straight up your loose as a goose asshole.

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