River Enza Calls Out Male Performer For Showing Up with No Test

River Enza calls out D. Arclyte for showing up to a scene without a valid test.

River did not say he was HIV positive, just that she was not comfortable performing with him or anyone without a valid test.

As always the social justice warriors came out to attack and as a result, she had to tweet this one final message.

Obvs I need to take a twitter break. I’m sorry for anyone I’ve hurt and all the drama. Standing up for myself wasn’t easy. Maybe I could have been more delicate, but I was in a situation that felt unprofessional at best & dangerous at worst, & I needed to share my experience.


300070cookie-checkRiver Enza Calls Out Male Performer For Showing Up with No Test

River Enza Calls Out Male Performer For Showing Up with No Test

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5 Responses

  1. As far as I am concerned River has every right not to work with untested talent. Actually, she has the moral obligation not to work with untested talent. I think Kiki would have refused as well (unless he were her spouse or long time love interest which he is probably not) but whenever there is penetration or sexual organ contact (even a tongue to a dick or a dick to mouth/throat) all penetrative talent should be tested unless the only people involved are spouses or verified long time love interests currently dating (preferably living together) and all involved consent in writing. With that in mind even one person involved in a scene not long term love interests to all of the other participants would negate that option.

    As far as having tact when someone brazenly tries to work without a vaild, 14 day or less porn industry VD panel, as far as I am concerned tact goes out the window and if that were my set I would have had no tact whatsoever and D. Arclyte would have been unceremoniously thrown off of my set never to be hired by me again. For the director to (evidently) have proposed a penetration scene with someone not the spouse or long term love interests of the other performers in the proposed scene and for that talent to be untested makes me wonder what kind of idiot the (hopefully now former) director is, what drug was he injecting/snorting/smoking/eating, what idiots hired him and if all idiots involved in that director’s hiring as well as the director are also imbeciles, morons, mentally retarded or sucking the cock of the untested talent.

    According to Google, D. Arclyte is a gay performer and also does tranny porn. That makes me wonder if he is HIV positive and tried to get a few more jobs just under the wire. I don’t know the answer but he could have tested privately, been diagnosed and not have a positive HIV test in the PASS system. What a fucking mess that may have just been averted!

  2. If D is the one who is HIV positive then that’s another big problem because he just did a movie with Riley Nixon, and who knows how many other performers in the mainstream talent pool.

    Is that why the FSC isn’t allowing anyone to talk about how it is because Riley Nixon is prez of the fsc’s performer branch apac?

  3. They bullied her until she apologized? That sucks. Look at his timeline especially during the last shut down, thats all I’m gonna say. If you’re a performer, avoid him and anyone else who he works with. This is the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about.

  4. Justice: APAC is not a branch of FSC, it is a separate organization, and even more feeble. Being a branch of a trade group would probably defeat the purpose of having a performer group.

    As for “why the FSC isn’t allowing anyone to talk about how it is” — how what is? Someone’s HIV status? They’d be violating HIPAA laws if they revealed information obtained from a medical test.

    There’s much more to this River Enza/D. Arclyte story, and I will be publishing a follow-up shortly, after having spoken to what are known as “individuals with knowledge of the situation”.

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