PornHub Games to Premiere August 2nd

The other day we finally learned who the contestants of the upcoming PornHub games where and now we know that the first episode will premiere on August 2nd, on you guessed it –

Why wait until the AVN convention? Porn Hub Awards are coming up

The PornHub Games

The contestants will be ….

Vice Industry Token Becomes Elite Sponsor of the Pornhub Awards

1st Place will be awarded $10,000 USD equivalent of Vice Industry Tokens

Whoever wins 2nd Place will be awarded $7,500 USD equivalent of Vice Industry Tokens

Whoever wins 3rd Place will be awarded $5,000 USD equivalent of Vice Industry Tokens.

Learn about pornhub games. The premier online free adult content. Get to know about this incredible platform. See your favorite adult performer, up close and personal, on Pornhub. You know you love the stars and the new stars filming today are incredible.

I your most admired on the list ? which star will become the most admired next?

Tune in and get involved. What is better than live-streaming?  Would you not crave to see your favorite starlet in the winners circle

Visit Porn Hub and vote for, who you believe will be the next big star. Personally, I will be attending the conventions and getting plenty of pics. And who says Porn girls don’t make the best of friends? No one says that. So let us explore the hot porn stars den, and see who is how this year and the next year to come. Then Lets do it AGAIN AND AGAIN



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PornHub Games to Premiere August 2nd

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  1. Kelli, I am still interested about this Vice Industry Token. It isn’t from a personal profit point of view, the whole idea of paying people to watch porn (whereas now we have to either pay for it or steal it) and how that will still allow profitability for the porn sites and the people behind the VIT is something I am extremely interested in. If it works it will be a game changer for the industry (and this site which never made more than the cost of a meal in a nice restaurant in a month for Mike and was a money loser most months when he owned it — with only two ads it can’t be making large sums of money for the current ownership, either).

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