Linktree is Removing Sex Workers with no notice

Linktree Is Removing Sex Workers

Linktree is a web-based service that allows users to create a single, easy-to-use list of their online accounts. It has proven to be very popular with users ranging from business mentor Gary Vee to well-known brands such as Red Bull and Patreon.

Linktree has also proven popular for adult industry models for many of the same reasons. It allows models to list all of their various platforms in a single location. From there, fans can pick the platform they most prefer. It is simple, easy, and effective.

Sex workers have also been able to use it to drive traffic to their platforms that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Many platforms do not allow any links to websites containing adult content but do allow Linktree. Instagram is a good example of a popular platform with this policy.

Unfortunately, many sex workers suddenly found themselves unable to use their Linktree this morning. Citing “inappropriate use”, these accounts have reportedly been removed without warning and without any opportunity to correct the alleged violation.

Linktree Account Removed Notice
Why Is This Happening?

The Linktree terms of service do specifically forbid linking to websites that facilitate full-service sex work. And it appears this is the justification for the sudden loss of accounts.

An article on Vice, written by Samantha Cole, quotes Marlene Bonnelly, the Linktree Head of Trust & Safety: “the Linktree accounts banned stemmed from sharing a URL which violated Community Standards by sharing advertisements for the sale of real-life sexual services.”

And this may very well be the case. There are a number of models who have reported losing their accounts because it contained a link to a full-service sex website. These models have been using Linktree without any issues. But they are now scrambling to adjust their online strategies. All the while missing out on potential income until a solution is found.

But the fact that this happened overnight and with no warning is concerning. And the full extent of the ban is currently unknown.


Linktree TOS
Linktree Terms of Service
A Reoccurring Pattern

Unfortunately, this is a pattern that the adult industry is all too familiar with. Many platforms turn a blind eye and allow or even encourage NSFW content. But suddenly, and often without warning, they reverse course and leave creators high and dry.

Only Fans announced it would no longer allow explicit content last summer, though that decision was quickly retracted in the ensuing backlash.

Other platforms have suspended payments due to banking discrimination. Most recently, AVN Stars has had to stop paying models.

As upsetting as the current situation with Linktree is, it also serves as a reminder that it is critically important for creators to take as much control of their online presence as they can. Some creators are suggesting AllMyLinks as an alternative to those who no longer have their Linktree account. Other alternate platforms are also being suggested.

Ultimately the best way to ensure longevity is for models to create their own websites. Platforms have a bad habit of turning on the industry without notice. A personal website offers a much more stable way to collect and convert potential customers. And it puts creators in control of their online presence in a way that platforms don’t.

As the old adage goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Or, at least in this case, don’t put all your links in one tree.

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Linktree is Removing Sex Workers with no notice

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  1. Saw this coming, when those who trumpet the bogyman scare words, Escorts, trafficking etc. They will turn around and say they are pro-sex workers. They are lying. They will just cut off every platform slowly, one by one until sex work is choked off and removed from the net grid. No finer example than Kamala Harris. She was a major contributor in drafting SESTA FOSTA. But look at her words now, she is pro-sex worker.. just wow
    Adult performers might want to consider redefining exactly who or what is a sex worker maybe. So that Porn Performers have a fighting chance at being labeled

  2. As bad as Trump was, At least he pardoned a person of color who was harassed for being a patron of sex workers .
    Kamala would never even consider this, not even Obama, he ran from this when asked to pardon the Heavy weight boxer. History is a bitch

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