Let’s talk about model houses

Yesterday one of the better known model houses announced that they were closing their doors. As of September 1st, Campo House will be no more. For the last 4 years, they offered a safe, clean place for porn stars to stay while they were in Los Angeles.

It was a luxury female-only model house in the heart of Woodland Hills, near a lot of the studios and shooting locations that allowed each girl to have their own private room, as well as other premium amenities including a game room, on-site laundry, a huge jacuzzi, free wifi and even a gym.

For anyone who has ever stayed in one of the many dumps that serve as a model house, they know just how great a place like Campo House really is.

I mean no creepy drunk guys hitting on you in your sleep, no being forced to pay $35 a day to sleep on the couch in the living room.

I know one guy who rented out the spare bedroom in his apartment with 4 bunk beds in there and he wasn’t the only one who did things like that.

But that’s still better than some of the other model houses out there. If you’ve ever watched Hot Girls Wanted on Netflix you’ll see a model house in Florida with dirty mattresses on the floor, and no sheets. How gross is that?

Theft in most model houses is rampant. That’s why having your own room is such a big deal because it allows you to keep your items safe in a house full of strangers. That’s not what you get with most model houses.

The problem is, it’s not easy to run a model house. There is always some sort of drama. While 90% of the girls aren’t a problem, there is always that 10% that ruins it for everyone. Sometimes it’s just crazy drama or drugs, or sometimes it’s scam artists who just don’t pay.

Meet Madison Hart. She’s one of those girls who look super sweet and innocent and she’s plays it up too.

Madison Hart

Those who initially meet her all have the same story. She seemed so sweet and innocent. But what they don’t realize is, it’s all an act. She’s burned at least four agents that I know of. Some she’s scammed out of a few hundred, some a few thousand. Every time each agent had the same story, she just seemed so nice.

What she does is tells an agent she doesn’t have any money but she wants to do porn. And she will. She’ll do scenes. Only as most people know, a lot of porn in LA is paid via payroll. So she always has an excuse why she can’t pay the agent or model house their fees. “I’ll pay as soon as I get my check,” is something you’ll hear her say time and again.

Only a week or two in, she is still saying the exact same thing.

There have even been a few times when she’s gotten other porn stars in a model house to lend her money. In one case she got a porn star to lend her almost $300 to fly home to see her sick grandmother. You’ll find she uses this grandmother story quite a bit. It’s always her go to story when she needs you to feel sorry for her.

When eventually the agent or model house starts to press the issue she picks up and runs back to Colorado (her hometown) where she looks for her next victim.

Madison Hart isn’t the only one out there running this type of scam so the owners of the model houses have to try and minimize their losses. This is in part why it’s become harder to find good model houses.

If you stay in a model house, you know you owe that money.

Just like if you go to work you expect to be paid, right? So what kind of person would scam a homeowner like that?

It really speaks to their character.

Again not every girl in porn staying at a model house does that. But the few who do, ruin it for everyone else. And the more it happens, the more we’ll start to see the quality model houses closing their doors.

Especially now that agents can no longer take model house fees out of payroll checks. This means that agents can no longer help to secure payment of model house fees from performers. This is a big deal and as a result, some model house owners are reconsidering the risk of doing business with porn girls all together. The owner of two model houses in the LA area is now giving serious thought to closing his houses all together making them full-time Airbnb – which as you know prohibits anyone in porn from using their services.

So just remember when you hear about some girl in porn doing this, stand up to her and let her know how fucked up she is for doing that because she’s ruining it for everyone.

We are already getting banned from Airbnb, now our quality model houses are going away.  The only thing that’s going to be left for us are hotels which are more expensive than model houses or shanty drug dens, where if you stay the night you have to share a room with a ton of other people, have your items stolen, the place is dirty … you know the kind of place I mean.

So as an industry we need to unite and take a stand against the girls ruining it for everyone else. If you hear of a girl who screwed a model house owner out of their money, out their asses! Take a public stand.

I think if enough of us do it, they’ll stop doing it out of fear of being publically shamed for it.

At least I hope so.






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Let’s talk about model houses

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  1. Hussie Models that had the seedy model house in North Miami Beach you mentioned featured in HGW documentary was shut down and he moved North to Broward County and had two out of three others shut down by code enforcement. One he had his “bug guy” friend run for him but got evicted. Does he understand what an illegal sublet means? Does he know that attempting to run a business illegally out of rental apartment or an unleased house is going to get you in hot water? No, he thinks he is above the law and regulations.

  2. She’s from the Denver Area, I’m assuming? Damn Front Rangers always making the rest of the state look bad!

  3. I’m sad to read Campo House is closing. They are legit and one of the very few model houses that is. I think it’s more than 10% of the girls who ruin it for the others. Maybe 15 or 20%.

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