Kayden Kross @Kayden_Kross calls out disgusting industry photographer from @STRIPLVMAG

There is quite a lot of crap that the women in our industry have to put up that we often times will just quietly let people get away with, rather than deal with the hassle of outing the asshats who did them.

But some things are just too much to let slide and Kayden Kross is taking a stand against a Las Vegas photographer from @StripLVMaG.

As you can imagine others are horrified at hearing what happened to her on and are coming out in full support of the new mother.

Here are some of the many, many tweets in support of Kayden Kross about what she has gone through.

  • @richelleryan: OMG!!! WTF is wrong with people
  • @ImBrettRossi: Oh. My. God.
  • @kimberlykane: What??!!
  • @RicoShades: WTF?!
  • @AlexChancexxx: I was warned about him before. I had no idea he was this bad though. 🙁 I’m so sorry that you had to go through that.
  • @AnnaLeeVRX: 🙁 That is literally one of the worst things I’ve ever heard a photographer do.
  • @_Star_Grek_:  He did 3 horrible actions 1 after another, a fact that constitute some1 who is mentally deranged. 1-Invade privacy. 2-Consume precious breast milk meant for infant nutrition (Who does that?). 3-Publish these photos after 4 years. That was the worst 1 imho.
  • @AlexDeLaflor:  ohhhhh i’m so happy I never followed through working with them!
  • @JennaSativa: This is sickening. I hope you can get him take it down so he’s at least not making money off of it.


280950cookie-checkKayden Kross @Kayden_Kross calls out disgusting industry photographer from @STRIPLVMAG

Kayden Kross @Kayden_Kross calls out disgusting industry photographer from @STRIPLVMAG

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6 Responses

  1. People have their own kinks but filming Kayden’s breast milk evacuation and drinking the stuff without her permission is asinine and ridiculous! That photog needs his dick and balls kicked so hard that they detach from his crotch and fly into his double latte. He (almost) should also have his face shoved into Bonnie Rotten’s crotch after she hasn’t showered or washed her cunt in a week and be forced to eat her out! What a fucking asshat — I hope every female performer puts him on their “no” list and he is forced to only shoot AIDS infected men fucking each other up the ass for Treasure Island Media!

  2. I know several girls who have worked with this guy and had no problems. Why did she wait 4 years to say something? She doesn’t have a lot of credibility if you look into her past.

  3. @HopSing, That’s just MHarris, it’s his style
    @CosmoK, he’s selling the footage NOW, that’s why. She let it go at the time, This was a bridge too far.

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