Kate Iselin: ‘Why I choose to do sex work’

New from the awesome Kate Iselin:

As a sex worker, sometimes it’s difficult to justify exactly why I do my job.

Not in a day-to-day kind of way – of course it pays the bills and keeps the lights on – but in the sense of the bigger picture.

Friends who do sex work to pay for their university courses or children’s school fees have an easy answer when asked, “Why?”

It’s totally understandable that someone studying full-time at university would turn to a job that pays well and requires comparatively fewer hours of labour from them than, say, working in a shop or a bar, reports news.com.au.

Mothers returning to work have the reasoning of seeking out a job that allows them a good work-life balance: When the kids are at school, it’s all business at the brothel, but work takes a back seat to the school pick-up at 3:30pm.

But those of us with less obvious reasons for working in the sex industry often have a difficult time explaining our choice of profession to others.

Why would someone choose to work in a brothel instead of an office? Why spend your day having sex with veritable strangers when instead, you could be putting that degree to use in a nine-to-five?

A lot of people have a hard time accepting sex work as a career if there’s no urgent, driving force behind it. While people in almost every other industry get to head off to their jobs without facing too much interrogation as to their motives, sex workers seem to cop it in bulk.

If we’re not desperate for money or desperate for sex then why on earth wouldn’t we get a normal job like everyone else?

Read the rest from Kate Iselin at the New Zealand Herald

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Kate Iselin: ‘Why I choose to do sex work’

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  1. I know Kate will probably not see this comment but I like her sense of humor. In the picture she is holding her tea cup like a prim and proper British chick, looking pretty but the tea cup says “Gin”. She was probably drinking gin out of her tea cup looking prim and proper, that amuses me.

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