Is there a problem with privates?

Here is the problem with an agent booking a private under the guise of it being a legitimate shoot.

The problem is, the girls have sold themselves short because the intent was to conduct a private. In some cases, the rates for these privates are said to range from $1,000 to up to $6,000 an HOUR.

LOL. She’s really into you, honest. That’s love in her eyes.

But instead, the guy pretends to be a “producer”, calls up the talent agent and books the girl for a 6 to 8-hour b/g shoot for $800 or even worse, $350 for just a blowjob shoot.

This isn’t even about a private, this is about the girls getting screwed.


Content trade scams – Starring Chris Strokes, controlling “Privates”

won’t turn over the content

She did a private and didn’t know, defined as a “scene” far below her rate.

It also opens up the door for potential lawsuits and federal liabilities for improper documentation.

a shady agent booked a private under the color of law



ISSthere a difference between ESCORTING and PROSTITUTION?  Highly paid escorts are in demand for their exclusive services. These individuals command top dollar for their time and attention. Often sought out by wealthy and powerful clients. Escort agencies and independent providers cater to this niche market. Offering discreet and professional services to their clientele.

With rates that can reach thousands of dollars per hour, highly paid escorts are known for their discretion and attention to detail.

They offer a range of services, from accompanying clients to social events to providing intimate companionship behind closed doors..

Despite the stigma attached to the industry, many highly paid escorts view their work as a legitimate profession. The upper echelon takes pride in their ability to provide a personalized and luxurious experience. However, the industry is not without its risks.  It is important for those considering this line of work to do their research. Take precautions to ensure their safety and well-being. As with any profession, it is important to be informed and make informed decisions about one’s career and personal life.

There is Difference with Privates, Escorting and Prostitution

In conclusion, highly paid escorts are a unique and sought-after group of professionals who offer exclusive services to a select clientele. While the industry may come with its own set of challenges, those who choose to pursue this line of work do so with a strong sense of professionalism and pride in their abilities.


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Is there a problem with privates?

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