Is the Mercedes Carrera Statement a Hoax? Let’s review the facts!

On Thursday XBIZ ran a statement, that someone claimed came directly from Mercedes Carrera herself. AVN ran the same statement on Friday.

Something about what AVN said in their post stuck out to me that got me thinking, so I did a little digging and made a few phone calls.

In the AVN site they said “A longtime adult industry associate who wishes to remain unnamed for the time being supplied a statement to AVN Thursday evening from Mercedes Carrera regarding the charges against her and her husband Daemon Cins officially levied Tuesday by the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office, to which they have both pleaded not guilty. The acquaintance told AVN that the statement was drafted and approved by Carrera following an extensive meeting between the parties at the West Valley Detention Center, where Carrera and Cins have been held since their arrest last Friday.”

Mercedes Carrera wasn’t arraigned until Wednesday. This means that she couldn’t have any visitors except for her lawyer until that time. The AVN statement clearly says it’s an adult industry associate, not her lawyer.

The problem is, that isn’t possible.

Mercedes Carrera is being held in the West Valley Detention Center, a place that requires all visitors to have an appointment (except a person’s lawyer). That appointment must be made on the previous day and the meeting is only approved for 20 minutes.

A 20-minute meeting is not an “extensive meeting”. That right there is what caught my attention. So I picked up the phone and called them. I made that call on Friday. They told me that she is allowed to have visitors now that she has been placed in the general population.

However I am mistaken, nobody but her lawyer could see her before today (today being Friday). To see her you would have to call to make an appointment, of which wasn’t possible until Thursday.

So there is no way anyone except her lawyer could have met with her on Thursday.

So if this was true, why lie about meeting with her in person? I mean it could have been a phone call, but that isn’t what the statement said. They specifically said it was a meeting at the detention facility, which according to the facility was impossible!

So who put out this statement claiming it comes directly from Mercedes Carrera?

And why?

What’s the point of putting out a false statement?

And even more interesting, why would neither AVN or XBIZ bother to check the validity of the statement? I mean it literally just took me picking up the phone to call the West Valley Detention Center to find out it wasn’t possible for anyone to have met with her extensively on Thursday. As Thursday was the first day they began taking appointments for visitors with her, for Friday.



367210cookie-checkIs the Mercedes Carrera Statement a Hoax? Let’s review the facts!

Is the Mercedes Carrera Statement a Hoax? Let’s review the facts!

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8 Responses

  1. oops someone got caught in a lie and funny how both avn and xbiz ran the story without even checking lol

  2. I wonder if Mercedes dictated the statement to some friend over the phone (yes, scumbags in jail can use the phone to make collect and calling card calls) and directed him/her to submit it for publication. I can’t think of any other circumstance where this statement came out. I suppose some friend of hers could have did this on his/her own attempting to help her but that would be ill advised. With the content of the statement published on AVN, I don’t see where someone meant any harm to child fuckers Mercedes and her husband (although maybe they should) and the AVN statement doesn’t sound malicious against them (although it does against her ex husband). From my analysis of the situation unless there was more in the statement that was edited out Mercedes probably gave the statement over the phone and the friend claimed that they met at the jail to make it sound better (how it does I don’t fucking know). I don’t see any reason for anyone to lie about the statement unless that person has a beef with her ex husband and used this to try to malign him.

  3. If it were just over the phone then why lie int he statement and say it was an extensive in-person visit? Why not say be like we talked on the phone?

  4. @33 fucks that was my point exactly. If they talked to their friend over the phone, why not just say that? I mean if you are going to lie about one part of the statement, who knows what else they lied about.

  5. You are correct, Kelli. However, I can’t figure out why someone would release this statement falsely claiming that Mercedes authorized it. That is how I get the theory that the statement was dictated over the phone. Her attorney had access to her and could have also taken the statement but the vast majority of criminal defense attorneys tell clients to keep their mouth shut about it until trial — and would have refused to forward the statement to anyone.

    As for the child fuckers (assuming these creeps are guilty), they can go suck an AIDS infested Bubba dick then take it up the ass. The girl was only 9-10 years old for fuck’s sake! What is arousing and sexual about a little kid????? Child fuckers are the lowest of the low, even worse than Osama Bin Laden, ISIS or Al Quida!!!!!!!!!! The problem here in Michigan is that there are so many sex offenders (including but not limited to child fuckers) that the state designated a large prison building to segregate them in, ostensibly so other inmates wouldn’t torture and kill them. We have so many sex offenders that there isn’t enough room in the designated sex offender prison so some of them are spread out throughout the system. Also, the sex offender prison does not take women so they are stuck in Ypsilanti prison in general population where the guards have a very special “rehabilitation” plan for them. We can only hope that California’s prisons have a torture “program” for these child fuckers if they are guilty and go to prison. If they are lucky some non-child fucker inmate will get his gang stripes by torturing and killing them within hours — before they even make trial. If not, they face decades of inmate on inmate and guard on inmate torture.

  6. More like Go Fuck Me, Preston. I hope if they try that stunt that their Go Fuck Me is shut down and they don’t get a dime out of it. I really hate child fuckers!

  7. There was Hearing today Feb 14th On valentine’s day.
    Law Enforcement sure seems confident and bold. They definitely know something they aint saying YET

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