Is @OnlyFans Calling Into Question Legit Model Releases?

I saw a tweet today about OnlyFans that caught my attention. OnlyFans has decided that just having a model release and 2257 documents are not enough.

They recently sent a warning to a performer that is shown below.


The odd thing about this warning is that she did have a model release and the stated IDs of the male model in question.

Here is a copy of the model release she used.

As you see, in section 5, “grand of rights”, it clearly grants full release of rights for the content.

So why is OnlyFans rejecting it?

Why is OnlyFans not allowing a creator to post her own content on their platform of which she owns and has the proper paperwork for?

We attempted to reach out to OnlyFans to find out what was going on but we weren’t able to get a response.

We did speak with Alana Evans from the APAG Union who originally tweeted about this problem, and were able to confirm that she spoke with the model in question and confirmed that all the paperwork was in order including proper IDs.

Alana Evans

So it doesn’t make sense why they would reject the content. We’ll let you know if we ever hear back from OnlyFans support.



657030cookie-checkIs @OnlyFans Calling Into Question Legit Model Releases?

Is @OnlyFans Calling Into Question Legit Model Releases?

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3 Responses

  1. Some attorney probably told OF that the release form he drafted is the only legally acceptable form. They are just trying to cover their asses, I would bet that independent directors for companies like Adulttime, MindGeek, etc. probably have to use the company’s form and not one of their own as well. OF producers are just going to have to use the official OF forms.

  2. They got more to worry about. My roommate received a call from a reporter reporting on filming porn in apartment rentals without property owners and management companies consent. A Building in North Hollywood were we are got slammed with complaints from other neighbors which sparked an uproar. One mother with two kids had a male talent just walked into her apartment my mistake while breast feeding her infant. The constant banging of the bed’s head board with people screaming their heads off during sex acts proved too weary , NBC down the street from the Apartment building is on this AGAIN interviewing residents.

  3. I wouldn’t trust them with any personal info while they are working with a doxing online terrorist like Alexandra Melody Mayers aka Monica Foster. A big porn news website just exposed them and Onlyfans still refuses to ban Alex or even comment about this issue. #Amazing #boycottonlyfans

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