Is Erika Lust Endagering Performers Safety?

You don’t often hear about females involved in sexual assault stories when it’s against them. But that seems to be the case with producer Erika Lust.

I can’t imagine why more people aren’t talking about a sexual assault that took place on a feminist porn set. It’s easy to say #MeToo but what about the model bill of rights when the abused performer is a male?

In 2017 I was sexually assaulted, harassed and maliciously outed by my employer. Please help and support me to raise funds to cover my legal costs and to seek justice. I don’t understand why her peers don’t hold her accountable. Silence and inaction only leads further to putting others at risk and in harms way.

Why aren’t we prioritizing performer safety and why is Erika Lust getting a free pass in regards to this?

Erika Lust came under fire recently for beginning production during a pandemic. And while that is bad, it’s not anywhere near as concerning as the sexual assault allegations.

Anyway here is the whole story from back in 2018.

Erika LUST – a timeline of unethical practices.

This is a short and condensed timeline of Erika Lust erasing, covering up and burying abuse, unethical working practices and behaviour on their productions and in their company.

1. We Care original blog post. Side by side comparison. Before & After; prioritising their perfect and pristine brand, only to erase unethical working practices and abuse on their productions. Dismissing and burying the experiences of performers and crew in the process.

2. Audio meeting w/ Erika Lust CEOs – We CARE – Care Package, Model Bill of Rights & Guidelines for Guest Directors. – Erasing the contribution of Trans, NB, People of Colour and other’s contribution to these documents, and a better standard of ethical productions.

3. An incomplete list of times Erika Lust has erased experiences of abuse and ethical standards in their company. (note: Even before I started working with them)

  • 2016 – THE BITCHHIKER; here
  • 2017 – DON’T CALL ME A DICKhere
  • 2017 – MUD DANCE;
  • 2017 – HOT POWER COUPLE; here
  • 2017 – ENTRACTE; 

Above is a List of films from the original WE CARE blog post, along with other incidents of unethical working practices that Erika Lust CEOs have tried to bury.

With the contradictions that arise in the “wording” of the WE CARE blog post; It’s disheartening that Erika Lust has relied on erasing the experiences of unethical practices on their productions, instead of recognising, addressing and learning from these mistakes. Opting to erasing and ensuring performers and crew don’t have a voice or a platform to air their concerns. Instead focusing on preserving their “pristine and perfect brand”, rather than prioritising and ensuring performer and crew safety.

Erika Lust as a brand has existed by not acknowledging these incidents but instead burying the experiences of unethical working practices and abusive behaviour on their productions, under the self-imposed and self-proclaimed banner of “ethical porn”.

Only to further endanger the lives of Performers and crew.

Erika Lust exists and continues to exist under this self -imposed and self-proclaimed banner of “ethical porn” despite evidence of the contrary.

Is Erika Lust Endagering Performers Safety?

Erika Lust responded by simply saying she believes Rooster’s claims do not amount to “sexual abuse or assault.





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Is Erika Lust Endagering Performers Safety?

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  1. The higher you put someone on a pedestal, the harder they will fall.

  2. In this industry, the hotter they are the further they fall. Erika Lust has a really hot body and that tends to get people noticed and sort of pushes their careers upward. Maybe Erika needs to be talent a couple of times so she understands what it is like. You can be ethical and treat talent well without actually being talent yourself but in this case maybe Erika needs to experience the other side of working in porn so she can show empathy with performers and their experiences.

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