I owe Just Dave an apology. I was wrong and I admit it.

Last April a female performer came forward with a story that broke my heart. I was so upset after watching her video on YouTube, along with the nearly 200,000 other people since it’s initial release.

The video was Leigh Raven telling about something that happened on set with Rico Strong (the male performer), in a scene directed by Just Dave.

After watching the YouTube video I cried, and then I made several irate phone calls. I’m not going to lie, I called Just Dave and cursed him out. He assured me, saying something like Kelli I swear on a stack of bibles that isn’t what happened. I didn’t want to hear it. I wouldn’t even give him the chance to defend himself.

I called the President of the FSC and asked him what we could do to help this girl. I was just so emotional over what I thought was a true story of a performer who had been genuinely abused on set.

I then wrote a heartfelt post, even through my anger about what I thought happened to this girl I still have the foresight to add …

Just because some people lie doesn’t mean EVERY girl lies. But those who do lie, are a big reason why so many girls aren’t trusted.

I mentioned in my original post this because I knew how many people would call this girl a liar because it happens that way all the time. Nobody for some reason ever wants to believe the victim and that’s in large part because those girls who have lied in the past.

I truly, with all of my heart believed Leigh Raven’s story. But what I didn’t do was wait for any actual evidence and that was wrong of me.

I admit I was in the wrong and yes I realize now I owe Just Dave an apology. I didn’t give him the chance to defend himself. I just immediately assumed he was in the wrong. Even if he didn’t personally perform the egregious acts in question, in my mind it was his set and ultimately his responsibility. He should have just magically known the girl was unhappy even if she didn’t say so.

I didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt but I expected everyone to give it to Leigh Raven.

I was wrong. I admit it now and I’m sorry. I acted on emotion and not with logic. That wasn’t fair for me to demand everyone just automatically believe one person and just automatically assume the other person was guilty.

I didn’t know there was a nanny-cam setup on set that recorded the whole thing, every minute caught on camera, every minute she was on set – hours of footage was recorded. Every single minute she was on set was recorded.

According to her YouTube video, she was called in as a last-minute replacement. She was told it’s a rough scene, including “light racial play” where she would be called degrading, things like a little white cracker. She said she had no problem with that.

When she arrived on set she said it was filthy — with piled up furniture, with dirt, it’s gross. These were her words, not mine. I’ve never been to Just Dave’s studio so I have to take Leigh Raven at her word that when she arrived on set it was filthy. Still, she continued on.

I should point out that again the nanny cam footage found no evidence that she had any issues with the location, not visually did she appear uncomfortable nor did she ever once so much as say a single word about not being comfortable in the location.

At the 4:56 mark in her YouTube video she said: “The umm thing that I did tell my male co-star, was that I have a very shallow cervix. My anatomy is a little bit different. You have a very large penis. If I give any sort of indication that I’m hurting, I’m in pain, I give you a little tap, I let you know – back off.

At the roughly 7:56 mark Leigh mentions they start filming. “The production assistant and Rico start to banter behind the camera saying ‘Oh she’s a smart white bitch, look at this bitch, this white cracker cunt’, something along those lines. So already I’m feeling like I don’t know is necessarily something I agreed to. Umm then the PA asks a question to Rico. I don’t really remember what it was. Rico’s response was umm ‘black payback’ and he comes into the scene and hits me very very hard across the face. Umm, it wasn’t a fake slap. It wasn’t a slap we typically use in porn to make things look a little more intense than they actually are. It was very painful and it definitely stunned me. I saw stars so to speak.”

Yet in an interview, she gave to AVN the other day she said something very different.

“Rico kept apologizing to me the entire time on set ‘I hate doing these scenes.’ Why? Because he knows something about it is wrong … but it pays his rent, so he continues to do them. Morally his head is in the wrong place. Is he a bad person? I don’t know.”

So she went from blaming Rico to saying he was just doing the job he was paid to do, something that matches what Rico Strong was saying all along, but originally she had argued otherwise, saying Rico personally was the one who did these things to her. Rico knew about the issue with her cervix. Rico is the one who hit her harder than need be. But now she changed her story.

I would also like to point out that after watching the nanny cam footage, it did not match up with this narrative. So not only did her story change but also there is no proof that what she said this time was true either.

In the same AVN article, Just Dave said, “I do not trick anyone into working for me,” he avowed. “In this particular instance, the male talent was friends with her, contacted her and told her about the scene. After she enthusiastically accepted the gig, my production assistant called her and again described the scene in detail, clearly identifying the nature of the scene. Once she arrived on set, my production assistant again spoke to her about the scene. At this stage, if a performer shows discomfort or has any issue with the requirements of a scene we send them home. But she again agreed.”

It’s worth noting here that Just Dave’s story has never changed. It’s been the same since day one.

It’s also worth noting that his story matches perfectly with the nanny cam footage. Leigh Raven at no time seemed anything but happy to be there.

While Leigh Raven started out blaming Rico Strong in her YouTube video, saying he didn’t have to slap her as hard as he did, that he did that to just hurt her. She also said that she told Rico Strong about her cervix issue and it was him that ignored this issue during their scene and intentionally pounded in her deeply just to hurt her.

She even said on a story with AVN — “Raven, who could not comment Monday due to an ongoing investigation, says she was “afraid” of what would happen if she called off the scene.”

She had made several comments on twitter days after her YouTube video that shew as scared of Rico Strong because he basically made threats to her and others about people that “fuck with his money” and her fear was that if she didn’t do what they said, nobody would get paid.

So if she didn’t want to do the scene, why didn’t she just leave? No means no after all. If you go to about the 11:20 mark in her YouTube video, she tells us why ….

“I was afraid because Rico had mentioned in the past to me that you know if people fuck with his money, he’s not going to have it. Ummm so if I were to call that scene in that moment, he wouldn’t get paid, I wouldn’t get paid and I didn’t know what could happen to me.”

So in her YouTube video, she clearly says she was scared for her life that Rico had made previous threats about people who fuck with his money.

Now fast forward to June 15, 2018, and Leigh Raven changed her story.  She told AVN, “Rico kept apologizing to me the entire time on set ‘I hate doing these scenes.'” 

So see how she keeps changing her story?

At first, it was the male talent (Rico Strong) she had a private conversation with about some issues and it was him personally that went against her wishes – violated her consent. Then all the sudden it was Just Dave who was at fault.

Then it was Rico Strong threatening her life as to why she couldn’t call the scene, now it’s because Just Dave should have seen her wincing and crying and called the scene.

Rico Strong all along blamed Just Dave, saying he was just doing what he was told to do by the director, but still denied he ever did anything to intentionally hurt Leigh Raven.

Leigh Raven tried to file charges of assault against Rico Strong and Just Dave. The authorities watched the nanny cam footage and immediately closed the case – no charges filed.

Leigh Raven would also go on to admit that the authorities told her there was no crime committed, that there is no law against rough sex.

Leigh Raven changed her story since the YouTube video has come out and now blames Just Dave fully for all that took place and that she has now decided to file a civil suit against him.

After speaking with a few attornies and presumably being told she has no case because there was actual evidence debunking everything she had said (the nanny cam footage).


Long story short, Leigh Raven has changed her story multiple times. beyond that, two other parties inside her camp have also come forward to disassociate themselves from the entire ordeal.

One saying, “I don’t want anything to do with what I was told was a prank. Leave me out of it.”

PRANK? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Pranks are supposed to be funny. I damn sure am not laughing, how about you?

What I am most disgusted with is myself. I didn’t give Just Dave a chance to defend himself. I just assumed someone was sexually assaulted because she said she was.

I demanded everyone believe her without giving the same respect to the other party.

For that I am sorry.

Why should we automatically believe 1 person and not the other?

From now on I will use this situation as a reminder to myself to stop automatically jumping to conclusions and wait until I first reveal the evidence in the case.

It’s sad that people like Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts would lie about being sexually assaulted on set for their own selfish reasons because the next time it REALLY happens, it will automatically cause the rest of us maybe not to believe them – the real victims of sexual assault are the ones that Leigh Raven  has hurt by pulling this stunt.

Shame on you Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts.

Shame on you for not only causing the trouble you did for Just Dave and his family but also for setting the women’s rights movement back and causing more trouble for REAL victims of sexual assault.



270080cookie-checkI owe Just Dave an apology. I was wrong and I admit it.

I owe Just Dave an apology. I was wrong and I admit it.

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4 Responses

  1. Kelli, many people believed her. I didn’t and got some flack for it. As much as Just Dave is a scum bag, I knew he wasn’t the problem here. It’s nice of you to apologize. In the end, it won’t hurt Dave or Rico that much. The shitty part is Leigh Raven gets away with this and is rewarded with a new job plus a Penthouse Pet title and cover. Hopefully, karma is a real thing and she will get hers.

  2. I am glad to see your apology, Kelli. I am a hard nut to crack in situations like this, my first reaction would have been to believe Leigh, too. She filed a police report almost immediately which would have caused me to give her the benefit of the doubt. After that, I watched the nanny cam tape. Leigh wasn’t assaulted in any way by Just Dave, Rico or the crew on set. To discuss another of her lies, the set was fucking spotless, I should hire his cleaning crew to clean my house — that is how clean his set was that day! Lastly, what in Kelly fucking Holland’s orange juice made her think hiring Skankalina to be the cover girl for fucking Penthouse was a good idea? Is she purposely trying to sink the magazine into liquidation? No one is going to buy a hardcore sex magazine with that piece of shit on the cover! I hope the new owners of Penthouse fire Kelly Holland, make her leave the money in her purse with them as partial damages for her asinine stunt, lift her, carry her to the door and use her fucking head to open any doors between her and the parking lot when throwing her out! I bet the newsstand sales of that issue of Penthouse is less than 20.

  3. Where’s the rest of the footage? Don’t be naive. If someone with a negative shady character but was still intelligent was in this situation, they’d edit the hell out of that footage and begin planning a PR counter attack. I seen the YouTube video and you can “instinctively feel” she’s telling the truth. I don’t see any vids of Just Dave Buster and Rico Suave cuz you’d know straight away they were frontin. If I’m wrong, apologies but until I see either the missing footage or vids from those dudes, the girl is telling the truth.

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