Hulu Covers OnlyFans

The 36.6 some odd subscribers of the streaming platform Hulu, woke up yesterday to a new show to watch, and this one was different because it was related to the adult industry and it wasn’t all negative.

The show which was rating TVMA is called OnlyFans: Selling Sexy. It’s an hour-long look at what the platform is, and who some of the content creators were, including Silvia Saige.

The takeaway? There is a market for everything.

They do look at how the market has become saturated and that’s true. The more popular the site becomes, the more content creators come on board. Now instead of competing with 500 porn stars, you are competing with 50,000 content creators who are willing to do anything to make their money.

Actually the number how now hit 1 million. 1 million content creators are OnlyFans.

That’s a lot of competition.

But that doesn’t mean money isn’t still out there to be made on the platform. One amateur content creator filmed her first threesome and shared it with her Onlyfans subscribers and in the end, that scene made her about $8,000. This is a girl nobody has ever heard of. She’s not a famous porn star. She’s one of the growing number of “regular girls” just trying to get by and make a living by posting videos of herself. She’s never done an adult movie. She’s just a regular girl, the real girl next door.

Overall the program on Hulu was positive. It talked about what a content creator was, and what the platform is about.  It covered the intimate contact the users get with the creators.

What it didn’t cover was the industry’s dirty little secret – not every girl on Onlyfans is really a girl. Sometime’s it’s an account managed by some 3rd party and sometimes a talent agent has forced that girl into that contract.

Gianna Dior however decided to out it, even if she didn’t name names.

Brooklyn Chase and her husband started a company, one very similar to one that Johhny Castle and West Coast Kev started before them. Long story short, they will manage a performer OnlyFans, in return for 30% of the money they earn with your account.

They are not the only OnlyFans “management” companies out there, they are the most well known.

Johnny Castle and West Coast Kev recently ended their partnership and that has turned into an ugly lawsuit that is currently making its way through the courts.

A new lawsuit has been filed with OC Modeling, against Johnny Castle and Kevin Casali (aka West Coast Kev), as well as a man who films content for girls for their OnlyFans.

Kevin Casali (aka West Coast Kev)
Kevin Casali (aka West Coast Kev)

The irony of this lawsuit is that it was filed by OC Modeling, LLC, who recently stands accused by many performers of being forced into OnlyFans management contracts. OC Modeling sends all of their performers over to Brooklyn Chase and her husband’s management company. They charge 30%. That’s in addition to the 20% that OnlyFans charges.

We first reported about complaints about this company back in September of last year. Some adult performers had a laundry list of complaints such as ….

  • Being forced into signing a multi-year management contract by their agents.
  • The company is rumored to hire foreign workers for next to nothing to answer the fans DMs and they don’t always speak English or speak very poor English.
  • The high rate of chargebacks due to mismanagement.

Gianna Dior spoke out on Twitter the other day when she found out that some agents were trying to profit off of their OnlyFans. She was understandably shocked and appalled.

This is not to say that OC Modeling is the only talent agency doing this. They are just one of the biggest. There are others and they are no doubt going to be outed in a series of upcoming lawsuits, which is really nothing more than pimp wars. People suing each other over who gets to pimp out or control a performer.

Just remember, if your agent wants to work out a deal with you to manage your OnlyFans, or have anything to do with your OnlyFans run the other way. Your OnlyFans money is none of their business.



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Hulu Covers OnlyFans

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