Are you using a manager to handle your @Onlyfans? #BEWARE

If you are using a company to manage your OnlyFans, which I understand is a common practice, but you need to be careful.

Even though they are doing the work, you are ultimately responsible for your OnlyFans account and you may be at risk for losing that account as a result of their business practices.

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Log into your OnlyFans account and run a “dispute report“. This will tell you just how many chargebacks your account has and what your overall chargeback percentage is. If this number is too high, meaning you have more than 5 chargebacks, your account is at risk of being shut down by OnlyFans.

You can run a chargeback dispute report by logging into your account, selecting statements, and then the disputes tab. You can also just click here to go right to it. If you have 0 chargebacks, GOOD JOB!

First, let’s look at what a chargeback is.

A chargeback is a transaction reversal made to dispute a card transaction and secure a refund for the purchase. This is usually done by the customer calling their bank and their credit card company and reporting the transaction as fraud.

Not all chargebacks are your fault. Sometimes someone just scams you and there is nothing you can do about it. But some are your fault or more specifically the fault of the company managing your OnlyFans profile.

We have spoken to our insider over at and they tell us that some of these management companies aren’t really paying close attention to the needs of your subscribers and are trying to nickel and dime your fans and as a result, they may not feel they are getting a good value for your their money and will either cancel or even worse, chargeback/demand a refund.

If you look at your account and see more than a few chargebacks you need to seriously consider replacing the company who runs your page.  If you don’t, you are at risk of losing your OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans will not allow you to keep your account if you have a high rate of chargebacks. PERIOD. No exceptions.


Chargebacks are serious business and if the company managing your profile isn’t taking care of your fans, there is a risk that they will do a chargeback.

If a fan tips you to do a custom and you don’t deliver on time, either from your own fault or because the management company didn’t turn over the request in a timely manner, you risk that fan doing a chargeback.

Now let’s talk turkey ….

Are they taking your content, breaking it up into clips, and posting it on other accounts that make them more money. This means they are stealing your content, and even worse, that means they are devaluing your content.

Now go look at your DMs on OnlyFans. See how they are treating your fans. Are they making any effort at all to make your fans happy or are they just trying to push photo purchases, without really paying attention to what they are saying?

Are they taking money for custom video or photo requests and not turning those requests over to you?

Let me just put it this way … if a company requests you close your OnlyFans page and open up a new one using their referral link, that’s a big fat red flag. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THAT COMPANY. What that does is tell you they are more interested in their bottom line than improving the value of your OnlyFans account and improving the overall experience for your fans.

If you keep doing business with these kinds of shady people, they will get your OnlyFans account shut down.

  • Do you want to lose your entire Onlyfans account?
  • Then wake up and go check out what is going on with your account.
  • Read through all those fan DMs and see how they are treating your fans.
  • Are they working to give your fans value for their money?
  • Are they actively trying to keep your chargeback rates down?

Don’t risk it. Go log into your OnlyFans account right now and find out what is really going on.


We have a source that works at OnlyFans that tells us the company is taking a very serious look at those accounts who are using these shady management companies. The chargeback ratios are just so high with some of these companies that are going to start suspending accounts.

656300cookie-checkAre you using a manager to handle your @Onlyfans? #BEWARE

Are you using a manager to handle your @Onlyfans? #BEWARE

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