Greg Lansky’s Holiday Dinner was a Huge Success

Greg Lansky is a generous man with a big heart. This is something I’ve known for awhile. But he proved it yet again over the holidays as he hosted a massive dinner for those in the industry.

Greg Lansky's Christmas 2018 Dinner

Greg Lansky himself had this to say to all those in attendance. “Tonight was so special I feel so grateful. Thank you to all the incredible people who came to celebrate Xmas with us. Jenn & I LOVE you.”

A rumored 100+ people were in attendance at the event and a huge outpouring of thanks have come forth since.

Amara Romani: Thank you for your kindness and kind words @GregLansky. It means more than you realize. Happy holidays, wishing the best for you

Abigail Mac: A wonderful Christmas spent with old and new friends. Thank you @GregLansky for bringing all of us together tonight for a most joyous occasion

Ember Snow: This holiday season has honestly been rough to get through with my mother gone. It’s my first Christmas without her. But thankfully it wasn’t so bad today. I’m going to continue smiling for her. I cannot thank you enough for this @GregLansky You’ve no idea how much you’ve helped

Through all the negativity and all the hate that has gone on in the last year, it’s great that there is a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

318030cookie-checkGreg Lansky’s Holiday Dinner was a Huge Success

Greg Lansky’s Holiday Dinner was a Huge Success

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3 Responses

  1. Why do people keep saying these industry people are broke? Do you see that house? The entire affair looked like a state dinner

  2. Greg Lansky is one of the few people making good money in this industry. Most producers are having trouble making a profit due to the tube sites and changing viewing habits.

  3. Lansky understands what porn viewers want.Good production values, clean looking women with a minimum of tattoos and piercings, and male talent that gets the job done without thinking the scene is all about them. For the most part he makes porn for couples.

    Many producers are using the same methods and building models going back to the 70s and 80s and haven’t uped their game. They think most porn fans are still the old rain coaters crowd.

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