Greg Lansky Says His Farewells

Love him or hate him, the one thing you must agree is that Greg Lansky had a big impact on the adult industry over the last five years.

After the news broke that he was parting ways with Vixen Media Group, home of sites like,, and, Greg Lansky took to twitter to post his own personal message.

Thank you I feel blessed to have been part of this journey with all of you.

I enjoyed the times I worked with Greg. He was a nice guy who had his own unique vision for what he wanted to see in an adult movie. During times when some people are making movies about rape or banging your step-mom, Greg Lansky brought us elegance and eroticism.

This image alone is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s beautiful. It’s different. It’s absolutely not what you get from most porn production companies.
So while I don’t know if you can really define anything that involves threesomes and blowjobs art, I can damn sure call it sexy.
I’m happy that Greg Lansky has found something new to be passionate about, but I’m also a little sad to see him leave our industry behind.
It makes me sad that some people who are making movies about teenage girls being gang-raped at their senior prom are still around, and someone like Greg Lansky has left for greener pastures. He will be missed.
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Greg Lansky Says His Farewells

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7 Responses

  1. You would thing seeing what he did (and how successful he has been) might make some porn companies try to emulate what he has done and bring their standards of quality up.

  2. Karmafan, it costs too much. This reminds me of when the Dolan family of Long Island sold Optimum to Altice. They knew people were dumping cable tv for streaming and other services. Meyer Lansky knows what time it is.

  3. Yeah, Bigboutya said it for me. I was just about to say, it cost too much. It takes money to make the kind of money he made. They spent a crapload of money on the production value and that got them mainstream media attention that brought them in a TON of new customers. Not everyone can afford to take that risk.

  4. The man is a porn legend. Greg Lansky changed porn as we knew it. Once!

    Guys Like Greg constantly changes and moves to greater things.

    How really hates Greg ? a looser and jealous kind.

    Long Live Greg
    We will all miss you Greg

  5. Lansky may have upped porn production standards but the truth is many other producers where shooting for Vixen Group, to which Lansky took full credit. He also stole funds from his investors. You dont walk away from a profitable biz after only 6 years to venture into the cannabis space. He was forced out.

  6. looks like he got out at the right time. They’re calling all over twitter to take the suite of sites down as a result of the george floyd protests.

  7. The investors have now had more than enough time to complete the forensic audit that was rumored to be going down. So if the “rumors” are true about his theft, guess we’ll know when he gets arrested for a civil lawsuit is filed.

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