Greg Lansky Extends an Invitation

Multi-award winning director Greg Lansky tweeted a message to others in the adult industry, opening his heart and his home with them for the holidays.

Greg Lansky Extends an Invitation

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Greg Lansky Extends an Invitation

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  1. Classy move, I agree. I hope someone doesn’t take advantage of his generosity and rob him blind. If I were a director in adult and in Los Angeles on the 25th I would probably stop by his house for a bit. Greg Lansky seems like a good person and he is an asset to the industry.

  2. I can tell you this much about Greg. I knew Greg Lansky when he directed for Reality Kings. He is the best they ever had and ever will.

    Greg is beyond generous and a good man. Back then Greg Lansky did not have the two haters he has now, the thing about success huh ? This says plenty in these woods. Good man Greg

    The vast multitude of real friends he has now and earned then says a great deal.

    I just hope he does not get metoo’ed , Even if some scum queen tried it surely it would fail.
    Congrats Greg
    You eared your way brother

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