Do the River Enza / D. Arclyte Allegations Hold Water?

Monday, a performer named River Enza made a series of allegations relating to a shoot a few days earlier for Jane Way which intimated that Enza was pressured to perform with male talent who had no current HIV/STI test.

Two sites picked up on Enza’s Twitter thread, including this one, but neither post provided any background or context. Let’s change that.

Here are Ezra’s key tweets:

Do the River Enza Allegations Hold Water?

We’ll begin with a little background.

The players

River Enza is a trans performer who started in the adult biz in 2016.

River Enza
River Enza

D. Arclyte is a performer in gay and bi porn who works with males, females and transexuals. He also started around 2016.

Jane Way is a performer, content producer and escort from Canada.

Jane Way

Kiki Daire is a veteran porn and fetish performer.

Kiki Daire

River Ezra is in a relationship with someone named “Goddess Kyaa”.

Kyaa was also present on the Jane Way set.

Ezra, Kyaa and Arclyte all know each other very well, and for quite some time. River and D. have shot together before, and the three have been involved in at least one project together:

The shoot

According to whom the media like to call “persons with knowledge of the event in question”, here’s what happened:

Jane Way, being based in Canada, needed someone local to Los Angeles to make arrangements for the shoot. She asked D. Arclyte to perform this function — to contact everyone, make sure everyone was cool with what was to be shot, to arrange the location, and to give them all information they need to get to the set.

Arclyte seems to have done a fine job making arrangements, with one glaring flaw: he didn’t get a current HIV/STI test. According to him, he was unable to make it to Talent Testing Service in time to be cleared for the shoot.

I am informed that Arclyte did let everyone know in advance of the shoot that he had no current test. Because there are multiple options for fetishy shoots that do not require fluid exchange, everyone — including Enza — showed up for work the next day (the evening of October 26) anyway to figure out the scenario.

Enza tweeted the following on Oct. 29:

When I got there I was asked to do scene as bottom without condom, then with a condom, then as a top, then as a bottom with him if toys & fluids were kept separately. At that point I took Jane aside and said under no circumstances can I do a scene with an untested

I am told that this is a significant distortion of what happened.

First of all, no one I’ve spoken to remembers Enza taking Way aside, or even discussing the terms of/approach to the scene with Way directly.

All that was done by River’s partner, Kyaa. By virtue of the dynamic of their relationship, River is not permitted to make decisions by herself.

Readers may now begin to realize we’re getting into more familiar territory. . .

Secondly, I am told that Jane Way did not ask Enza (directly or otherwise) to do it one way, have that rejected, then ask her to do it another way, have that rejected, and so on. That is clearly the impression Enza wished to leave with her tweets – that she was proposed a series of scenarios and then (being both victim and hero) vetoed them all.

Instead, I am informed, Way spoke aloud to the people there and spitballed it, as in “we can do it such and such a way, or with you as the top, or with you as the bottom…” She was not directing performers to do any of those things; she was throwing possibilities out there for discussion and group approval.

Moreover, D. was not in the room when the discussion happened. He left it to the others to decide how the scene would be organized.

Enza also tweeted:

What was the goal here? To hurt me? Or just to get paid? His crying made me feel bad for saying no so many times but saying yes would have felt worse, and he wouldn’t communicate anything to me directly.

Again, no one negotiated with Enza “directly”; Kyaa handled everything. And D. had stepped away so that Jane, Kyaa, Enza and Kiki could decide what they wanted to do.

It’s enough to make one wonder who composed the tweets on Enza’s Twitter account.

The impression that the tweet’s author creates, which I assume to be intentional since she thought about the matter for three days before stating anything publicly, is that 1) Enza wanted to be addressed directly but wasn’t (she never mentions Kyaa’s presence), and 2) that Arclyte was crying about the present situation. (I don’t believe it’s too much off a stretch to say that she wants the reader to believe his crying was perhaps from a guilty conscience.)

The underlying theme is that Enza was intentionally wronged. She never mentions that anyone else may have been placed in a bad or uncomfortable situation — it’s all about River Enza.

But Arclyte was visibly upset to those present before Enza arrived due to “some personal things going on with his family,” a source said. Enza saw that he was still upset at the time of her arrival on set with Kyaa.

Eventually the performers and the director agreed on terms and rules, and the scene was shot. Without Arclyte, and with Kyaa behind the camera.

Despite the tense portrait Enza portrayed on Twitter days later, they somehow did a sexual performance together in good spirits.

The scene they created was exactly what Kyaa and Enza wanted it to be. Everyone was pleased with the resulting scene, Enza and the others were paid, and Enza hugged everyone.

Enza left in a positive mood.

Here is where we get even deeper into Leigh Raven / Nikki Hearts territory.

Three days later, following what I am told were a series of melodramatic DMs with Jane Way, Enza started what one source called “a one-person smear parade against a man who should’ve gotten his test but trusted her when she said it was fine, and then showed up anyway.”

Jane Way, showing great class and calm, was conciliatory on Twitter in response to Enza’s tirade:

After the dust settled, Enza took to Twitter again. Her tweets include a brand of humblebrag one rarely sees anymore, as well as something much darker.

Note also that, once again, the word “we” is nowhere to be found — it’s all about River and her triumph over victimhood:

Notice how Enza casually throws in the HIV bit — and then congratulates herself for not being the kind of spiteful person who starts rumors.

Well, there are people out there, I must inform you kind readers, who have a much different, almost diametrically opposed, view of Enza and Kyaa. Details on that are forthcoming, but suffice it to say that they have caused — or otherwise magically been involved in — a lot of drama.

I will bring you are details as they become available.

300750cookie-checkDo the River Enza / D. Arclyte Allegations Hold Water?

Do the River Enza / D. Arclyte Allegations Hold Water?

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15 Responses

  1. I don’t know whether River or her girlfriend are telling the truth or not. However, the part about D Arclyte not having a current TTS or CET test must have been true, I believe Kiki Daire would almost certainly have said otherwise if River were lying about that. Unless all performers involved are married to each other or current long term lovers and agree otherwise for penetration or even kissing scenes the rule is and should be no test, no work — non-negotiable. The director’s name hasn’t come out to my knowledge but he/she should be outed and must explain his/her side of this. If that director even attempted to coerce Jane, River and Kiki to work with an untested performer in this manner he/she needs his/her head examined and his/her future as a porn director should be called into question. I have a director in mind that films and directs tranny porn that might have tried this but I don’t want to name him/her as I don’t know if he/she was the director of this scene.

  2. mharris127: It was Jane’s set, as I thought I had made clear.

    As for Arclyte not having a current test, that is also clear. But everyone knew he had no current test when they showed up, understanding that accommodations would be made. And they were; it was a non-fluid transfer role for Arclyte. And no one was harmed.

    River distorted the circumstances of the shoot, that much is clear. This is another Leigh Raven situation, in my opinion. She does the scene, takes her check, his everyone goodbye and goes home unharmed. Days after the fact she comes out with a story slamming a dude on set.

  3. Curious why no one is posting the story to its entirety if true and it looks like it is

    Just been a lot of talk this person is and was the last HIV plus flag bearer.
    Glad this was not a straight porn scene. But who knows whats next. Content trades across the board

  4. Let’s play connect the dots. Kiki Daire’s publicist is xxxstarpr. The person claiming the D Arc is hiv positive is rumored to be co-owner of xxxstarpr, bosco’s not so secret business partner, who also owns a competing porn blog. Anyone else smell a rat?

  5. I don’t think that the owner of the competing blog needs any help from a publicist to miss the larger story.

    Your implication seems to be that Kiki is the source of that blog’s claims. It’s an interesting theory, but it’s somewhat undercut by the fact that 1) she has worked with D Arclyte on other occasions and is still, as far as I can tell, on good terms with him; and 2) she backed Jane Way’s approach to the situation on Twitter. If I had been put in a situation such as the one implied by the coverage elsewhere, I don’t know that I would have acted like that publicly.

  6. Well here is a perfect example of why people should stay in their own lanes. Gay and straight porn cannot mix. Well as long as the gay porn testing protocols given their testing requirements or more like the lack thereof of any.

    As for Bosco, why does this fool’s name keeps coming up all the time?

    Worse than Bosco is that other flaming con artist snow flake at Rising star PR.
    He takes Fake PR to whole new level and makes Bosco look like he is in kindergarten at the scam game. When will a blogg expose that fair anyways.

    You should reveal what a fucktard he really is and he does nothing for them girls.
    Takes their money and convince them he is actually doing something. Lying scum bag Whats his name Deven Cypher of something, Cant even keep track of these nonsense types

  7. I am not a Bosco fan by any means. However, just because Kiki may use his “services” (I put that in quotes because I am not sure he actually provides much in the way of PR services, I am not accusing Kiki of fucking him) doesn’t mean she would assist in hiding what could be quite the scandal. I cannot say for sure but she seems to be intelligent enough to know that doing so would be career suicide for her. If D. Arclyte’s role did not involve genital contact then there wouldn’t be a problem. However, the other article on here led me to believe that originally D. Arclyte’s role was penetrative and that talent was being coerced into ignoring that fact that he wasn’t recently VD tested.

  8. The other articles on this matter were open to interpretation. My goal was to pin the facts down.

    My reporting indicates that 1) everyone knew Arclyte had no valid test before the shoot; 2) the remaining talent knew they were to decide what they would and would not do in the scene; 3) knowing this, they all showed up; 4) no one — not Kiki nor anyone else — was ever pressured to do a fluid exchange performance with him; and 5) the remaining talent ultimately decided to do the scene without Arclyte altogether.

    It should also be noted that, as another commented alluded, gay and trans shoots are often more lax vis-a-vis testing protocols and/or the substitution of condoms.

    It’s also worth nothing that Jane Way is from Canada; this wasn’t your run of the mill porn valley shoot and she is likely not as deeply steeped in mainstream porn protocols. This being said, the shoot came off, and no one was harmed or “exposed” because the wishes and boundaries of the performers were respected.

    What we have left then is a suspicious Twitter thread where, essentially, a trans performer is attacking a gay male. This situation reminds me of a section from VFR’s essay from June on Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts ( ):

    [Lily Cade] had written in 2014 of the “tendency in queer circles to decide some person (always, always a gay person…) is ‘problematic’”, noting that identity politics and intersectional social justice battles had “utterly taken over what was once called Dyke porn and is now called Queer porn.”

    And she was right. The mob, including Raven, went after Lily Cade for the same reason Leigh Raven went after a Mexican American worker: gays and low-status males — particularly men of color — are softer targets.

  9. What you describe is acceptable — except even considering allowing an untested talent to perform without that test. If someone is known untested before call time that day and penetration is planned to be involved that person should be told to stay home or offered a non-performer role, an example of this would be offering a one day job as a grip at the appropriate rate of pay. Even discussing a penetration role by untested talent should raise a red flag. The rule for penetration is no test, no penetrative performing role. The fact that the ladies involved stood their ground and refused to perform penetratively with Mr. Arclyte is good but shouldn’t have been necessary.

    Thank you for the additional succinct analysis in your comment, XXX. I know that succinct analyses don’t make for readers and can be too short to explain something properly but it did make things easier to understand for some people.

    As far as Kyaa making Enza’s decisions, I get a 24/7 dom/sub relationship (I don’t go that far but I am into moderate BDSM myself as a switch — preferring bondage over 24/7 dom/sub or heavy corporal) but that should be placed on pause during adult film scenes and Kyaa shouldn’t have even been on set that day unless she was hired in a non-performing role such as a cameraman or grip. If Enza isn’t capable of making her own decisions on-set she shouldn’t be performing in adult film scenes — period!

  10. Lol Matthew Harris. Weren’t your BDSM days a really long time ago? Like a REALLY long time ago?

  11. Not that long ago, Hop. I bet I have fucked more recently than your idiotic ass. Either way, it should be noted since I was responding to the River/Kyaa “relationship” and I understand BDSM better than 95% of this site’s readers.

    BTW, Hop, what the fuck is your problem with me? Are you just a pot licking asshole or did we meet in some past life and you are pissed at me because I blackout drunkenly fucked you up? I don’t remember meeting you but I guess it is possible that you are pissed at me because I blacked out some night during the Carter administration and got into a fist fight with you or something. Now go fuck yourself, Hop Sing!

  12. Has nobody else seen and/or published the Twitter exchange between TTS and D.Arclyte where D.Arclyte’s login to TTS stopped working and TTS told him he needed to call them by telephone urgently. The thread was deleted off Twitter but not before one or more news websites posted screen captures of it.

  13. @ClaraElaine I’m curious, is there not some third party apps that record Twitter history, keeping even the deleted ones?

  14. @claraelaine – To the best of my knowledge, I don’t think TTS replied to his tweet on that day unless they deleted it very quickly.
    @matt – Use google cache but you have to know the url for the original tweet..

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