Beware of #fake Emails from OnlyFans

?? ATTN: Be aware of email phishing scams for login details.

Most inbox providers only show the senders name, not email address by default.

Be sure to check: Our system and staff emails only come from and NO other variables. (If in doubt contact support)

Additionally, OnlyFans would NEVER ask you for your login password. There’s literally no need to give any more details than your username or in some cases email.

OnlyFans wouldn’t need to ask for your login password because obviously they already know it. So don’t fall victim to a scam email. Don’t give your password to anyone!


523750cookie-checkBeware of #fake Emails from OnlyFans

Beware of #fake Emails from OnlyFans

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  1. Scammers have gotten a hold of Only Fans accounts and are pretending to be a famous porn star and scamming fans. The internet is a buzz with discussion about someone pretending to be Sensual Jane and fleecing fans who prepay for escort dates with Jane.

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