Bambino @GreatBambinoxxx Accused of Domestic Violence

Danni Rivers posted several photos last night on twitter revealing injuries she said she received at the hands of male performer Bambino.

But even more shocking was the video where she was crying and pleading for him to let her go. He seemed almost proud of his abusive behavior. What kind of sicko records his abuse?

He, of course, claimed he was only defending himself, but I think anyone who watches the video can see otherwise. She’s crying, clearly begging to be let go but he refuses, holding her down.

For those who aren’t aware of who Bambino is, he’s a Venezuelan male performer who has been in the industry since 2010. He does or has done gay porn under the name Jacob Steel, for sites like and

Now he mostly seems to do mainstream porn, mostly for the Florida companies, where he goes by the name Bambino or the Great Bambino. @GreatBambinoxxx

Bambino and this girl Danni Rivers seems to be a couple. Here they are pictured together clearly during happier times.


We aren’t sure if she went to the police. But we do hope, if she did or didn’t, she at the very least gets away from this guy and moves on to someone who won’t beat the shit out of her and leave her with bruises.

Of course, it won’t surprise anybody that this dirtbag works with Riley Reynolds from Hussie Models.

Do Business with Unlicensed Agent and Felon Riley Reynolds at Your Own Risk




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Bambino @GreatBambinoxxx Accused of Domestic Violence

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  1. I’m not saying it didn’t happen the way she said it did but if she didn’t go to police then it seems odd.

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