APAG Statement re: Onlyfans Policy Changes @apagunion

Headlines today warned that Onlyfans would be removing XXX content, leaving its platform to only allow nudity. Most content creators on Onlyfans are comprised of adult performers who make their entire living off of the platform. As the news makes its way across an industry that spans the world, we instantly recognize the financial despair and destruction this will cause our community.

As anti-porn organizations celebrate, we brace ourselves for the crisis this will likely cause. Workers in our industry have families to care for, and this change will push many into potential homelessness.

As the union for adult workers, we have reached out to Onlyfans for guidance through this decision. As a platform that was built on the backs of its adult creators, Onlyfans has a responsibility to care for those who made them rich!  Over the last two years, the union has worked to help hundreds of performers reclaim accounts and recoup more than a hundred thousand dollars in funds that had originally been seized by the company. We believe there are still many performers owed funds that were wrongfully seized and we will continue to fight for those workers!

As performers look to migrate their content to new platforms, the union will be meeting with those already established platforms to help create seamless transitions. We will also be offering services including mental health support and peer support.  We encourage any performers who may be in need during this time to reach out via our email [email protected] or Twitter twitter.com/apagunion

The Executive Board of the Adult Performance Artists Guild

  • President Alana Evans
  • Vice President Ruby
  • Secretary Kelly Pierce
  • Sergeant At Arms Amber Lynn


697891cookie-checkAPAG Statement re: Onlyfans Policy Changes @apagunion

APAG Statement re: Onlyfans Policy Changes @apagunion

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2 Responses

  1. “…despair and destruction…”

    OMFG that is the funniest thing I have read all week. Despair? You know who’s crying right now? The drug cartels who launder money through that and other similar sites.

    No one in porn cried for more than 2 minutes when iBill went away. No porn pirate sites cried for more than 2 minutes when Rapidshare got shut down. The world will evolve. No one in porn has a thought horizon beyond a week, and this is a prime example. Oh, woe is the porn business who cried for mainstream attention for years. All of the Osco brothers films, porn performers crying about SAG cards, it never ends.

  2. I don’t know, still seems almost like a PR stunt, I could be wrong. However, I don’t see the money in Cardi B , cooking shows that people are willing to pay for because there aren’t any free ones on YouTube and paid fitness instruction videos because again, there aren’t enough free ones on the internet. Sure, there is a market for everything but I don’t see it paying the bills for OnlyFans and I think they know that. Masters of going Viral OnlyFans is. I think they have to appease the processors but even that is most likely a half-hearted effort on both sides. If they want to shoot themselves in the dick then that should be an interesting move to see how it plays out. Him getting the billion dollars is pretty unlikely but again, he has beaten the odds before.

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