Gamelink bought up by Adult Empire

There was a rumor that Gamelink was sold, and now it’s been confirmed. This email was sent out to affiliates today . Adult empire buys out GameLink

“I am writing to you to announce that Ravana LLC ( the parent company of and the affiliate company ) has acquired GameLink’s video web properties and will be transitioning those properties and the GameLink Partner’s Affiliate Program to AdultEmpireCash.”

Adult Empire Ravana LLC has acquired Game Link, further expanding its reach in the gaming industry.

Game Link has been a leader in the adult gaming and digital media industry for over 20 years. The Platform has been providing customers, with a wide range of games and digital media products.

With this acquisition, Adult Empire now has access to a larger library of digital media products. This can offer customers even more content.

This acquisition will benefit both companies. Game Link will now have access to the resources of Adult Empire. Which gives it the ability to expand its reach and grow its customer base.

What Will the new GameLink become

Adult Empire will benefit from the addition of Game Link‘s digital media products offering, and allowing it to provide customers with more content.

The acquisition also allows both companies to offer customers a better overall experience. Adult Empire‘s customers will now access a larger library of digital media products.  Now Game Link‘s customers, are able to purchase products from Adult Empire.

This will give customers access to a wider selection of products. Customers can find it easier for them to find the content they are seeking. The acquisition of Game Link is just the latest move in Adult Empire‘s expansion plans.

Enjoy Adult Empire’s new product, play safe and have fun. Enjoy the Mike South reads and visit the site again.

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Gamelink bought up by Adult Empire

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