A brand new update about Jenni Lee’s homeless situation!

Industry insider, who is well-known within the industry, has found and met with Jenni Lee. Porn Star Jenni Lee Homeless and living under a bridge, In Las Vegas.  Industry Insider, met up with her last Wednesday for about an hour.

Can this be happening and why? Jenni Lee is in fact homeless and living under a bridge

This is what they had to say about the meeting …

She is no longer in the tunnels, but living under a bridge, has a street boyfriend for companionship and safety, and unfortunately on a regular mix of drugs. She was offered assistance in the form of relocation into a private home, getting her IDs, enrolling into CalFresh and Medi-Cal, and counseling for both drugs and support therapy. 

It is unfortunate but she declined the offer, as we refused to also take in the boyfriend. We have been in touch with a young relative of hers, as well as the Dutch producers (look up Fremantle – they are behind it), Help of Southern Nevada and Search A Light. 

From the one hour face to face, we concluded that she is on the edge wanting the change, but is unwilling to let go of the boyfriend. While we are not doctors, we do believe she can recover, if she gets treatment now. The drugs are taking a heavy toll on her mentally and physically.

An interesting side note, XBIZ recently posted an article about Jenni Lee linking to a fundraiser someone started on behalf of her. However, the person who met with her last week said that the person clearly has not been in touch with “Jenni” nor does he even know her current whereabouts.

So be careful about donating to the fake fundraiser. It’s clearly a scam. The guy who posted it is in London and obviously doesn’t know her.

Here is the original video of Jenni Lee living homeless in the Las Vegas tunnels, from our previous article.



498552cookie-checkA brand new update about Jenni Lee’s homeless situation!

A brand new update about Jenni Lee’s homeless situation!

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6 Responses

  1. these parasitic leech boyfriends … so sad . she probably does street tricks for him too

    i know she chose him , but addiction is tough and suffering people hang onto what they know even if it’s detrimental

    this is heading into a worse direction sadly

  2. Porn is full of suitcase pimps. She was probably already used to that when she met this tick.

  3. If she is as dirty as she was in the documentary I would be surprised if anyone but her suitcase pimp would fuck her. I know when I fucked prostitutes I wanted them clean, at least half ass sober and preferably VD free. This idiot couldn’t even wash her hands in one of the casino fountain ponds that are all over town. I feel sorry for her but as they say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink it. Some people are too far in their addictions to ever come out of them and Jenni is pretty fucking far into her addictions to live like she has been as of late.

    I also wonder how Kink’s Jenni Lee is doing. This chick very obviously isn’t her, Kink’s Jenni was curvy and this one was bony and thin even before her descent into drug addiction and homelessness.

  4. hey guys, I see Naughty America released a Jenni Lee video today…Is this all-new or was this something they’ve been sitting on for a while?

  5. Naughty America had to have been sitting on that video for many years. The Jenni Lee featured in this article had her teeth fucked up at some point between her porn career and the homeless video so unless she somehow came up with $10K to get her teeth fixed she won’t be doing scenes anytime soon.

  6. Its supposedly an old scene they kept in their vault. Releasing it now to capitalize on her being of interest I guess?

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