Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist @ZoeSparx

In honor of the new NBC series “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”, wherein the lead character magically hears people’s innermost wants and desires through popular songs, we at MikeSouth.com have re-imagined the show . . .

What if it centered around D-list starlet Zoe Sparx f.k.a. Andi Rye a.k.a. Jane Dog?

You’ll recall that the Nexxxt Level Talent starlet says that having sexual contact with a dog is “kinda hot”, and ok as long as the dog is into it.

May we present “Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist”. Every song has a message . . . and it’s as if we can hear the soundtrack to her life!

Please add song suggestions in the comments, so that this can be the definitive Zoe Sparx playlist!



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Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist @ZoeSparx

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2 Responses

  1. This was posted on one of the slowest days in the year, Karma.

    As for song/movie titles, here are some fake ones that should fit:

    1. How much is that doggie’s asshole in the window
    2. Snoutfuckers
    3. Dog, let me suck your dick
    4. Ira Issacs let his dog shit in my mouth (Ira is the guy that went to prison for filming performers eating actual shit)
    5. My dog licked my pussy
    6. Dog cocksuckers
    7. I got ate out by a Rottweiler
    8. Pomeranians make the best lovers

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