Suicidal But Need That Extra Push? Try These Feminist Podcasts

The World Wide Web — The Holiday Season is not merely a time to get crushed at the mall while shopping for ungrateful relatives in-between single serving microwavable dinners, it’s also one of the best times of year to finally commit and follow through on that long-simmering suicide plan. And what better to push you over the edge than the sounds of a feminist post-modernist loudly extolling the virtues of period sex, bleating about patriarchy, and proclaiming that science and mathematics, like white males, benefit from “unearned privilege”.  I’m talking about feminist podcasts, which are free online!

The fine ladies over at Junkee have compiled a list of feminist podcasts so you don’t have to. The descriptions below are theirs, but we have previewed these podcasts and can confirm that if any reader seeks to commit “suicide by podcast”, these are you best bets:


Made of Human

Sofie talks to her guests about growing up, becoming (or neglecting to become) an ‘adult’ and finding one’s place in this big scary world. She rounds up each episode by requesting that her visitor imagine they are swaddling their new-born selves, and asking them what reassurances they would whisper into their tiny naïve baby ears.

Pretty for an Aboriginal

Miranda Tapsell has … a series of great acting roles across film and TV. Nakkiah Lui is an award-winning playwright, writer, performer and radio host — she’s also a proud Gamilaroi/Torres Strait Islander woman.

The Guilty Feminist

Australian born and Jehovah’s Witness-raised comedian and screenwriter Deborah Frances-White is an all-round feminist powerhouse. You’d be right in thinking the kind of woman who leaves a patriarchal religious sect at the age of 18 is also just the kind of woman to host a victoriously powerful and hilarious podcast (packed with similarly awesome women).

The Guilty Feminist is a podcast that explores “our noble goals as 21st century feminists, and the hypocrisies and insecurities which undermine them”.

Ladies, We Need To Talk

Television and radio presenter Yumi Stynes is your bubbly, straight-talking and refreshingly honest guide on this podcast-tour of lady-taboos…. [and] it delivered big with honest talks about period sex, accidental body-shaming, regretting having kids, alcoholism and (yaaaas) masturbation. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to being a lady, and this lively ABC gem is a great place to start.


“Kathy is such an amazing woman and role model,” he seems to be saying.


Join best pals Tobin and Kathy on their podcast expedition to explore all things LGBTQI+. To quote the intro episode, Nancy is, “a podcast, not a person.” But if Nancy were a person, they would be stunning. This podcast is so seamlessly and beautifully produced, I’d probably listen to it even if the actual content was bad. But guess what — the content is awesome! From porn to politics, The L-Word to Harry Potter, homophobia to the AIDS crisis, Nancy has got you covered. The hosts welcome you in with their cute, funny and genuine vibe only true BFFs are capable of cultivating.


We hope that all those committed to ending their pitiful, futile lives during this gloomy season will find these feminist podcasts to be a handy Holiday gift!

Happy Holidays from

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Suicidal But Need That Extra Push? Try These Feminist Podcasts

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2 Responses

  1. Well, hopefully, next holiday season these feminist will talk about topics that you deem more acceptable to men.
    What should the topics it’s be? How to hide the bruises under make up from the hubbies dinner not being hot?
    How to discuss which birth control methods the companies insurance will cover with your male boss?
    Which electric shock bra works best for rooming hands at the office?

  2. What a fatuous comment.

    No one here presumes to “deem” any topics or media suitable OR unsuitable for others (that’s the job of authoritarians such as feminists). Here we have our own opinions and we express them.

    And although this humorous piece states nothing derogatory about women as a gender, I find it quite telling that your comment is all about trashing men as cruel misogynistic brutes. What. A. Shocker.

    All the podcast descriptions are straight out of the article in Junkee (not exactly a bastion of male oppressors), and EVERY example in the opening paragraph are REAL things. Actual things that happen (including in some of these very podcasts), not theories in some damned dialectic. With the exception of period sex (which is the topic of material by countless female comedians), I find the topics listed to be funny, ludicrous, anti-science, anti-reason and, most importantly, silly.

    Let me ask you this: would you castigate Sarah Silverman or Amy Schumer for making fun of conversations about period sex, or is your ire only directed at men?

    Would you lambast Camile Paglia for saying that the notion of feminist math is fucking stupid?

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